Resume – Common mistakes found during the free resume evaluation


  • Inadequate line space between sections like Educational qualifications, List of Publications, etc
  • Technical expertise given as a blind list (without highlighting the actual technical know-how)
  • Projects undertaken given as a blind list (again same as above without giving much details)
  • Page margins not enough
  • Resumes are too long (6-7 pages)
  • Resume file format –use of file formats other than .doc or .pdf
  • Resume file size – over 1 MB
  • There is no title for the resume (Tip: just put your name as title)
  • Not given any publication details 
  • Give full list of publications (Tip: give as Top 5 publications or Important publications during the last 5 years or so)
  • While copy n paste from 2 or more documents, there may be different fonts in different sections
  • Keeping a blank page in the end (due to word processing error)
  • Using a page border may affect the visual appeal of the resume printout or even for online view
  • Usage of passport size photo may not give additional merit but will increase file size!
  • Usage of different background colour for the headings for various sections like Academic qualifications, Work experience, etc.

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