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3 Tips on how to NOT quit your day job while keeping those Dreams alive

You will find countless articles on the subject telling you to quit your job if you are to fulfill your dreams. But I am here to tell you otherwise. Firstly, it is not a wise move to quit your job. We all have responsibilities towards our family and bills are not going to get paid by themselves either. Financially you will be in a rut. So without further ado let’s find out how you can achieve this feat. Find an intersection between your day job and your dream It may be that you are in a marketing department working your arse off to make money and since the job is so demanding you rarely find time to do anything, let alone pursue your passion. But carefully ponder that the job you presently might be honing your skills that you may capitalize on elsewhere. For marketing people (example above), they possess good interpersonal communication skills, are farsighted and have the tendency to map the environment. If you wish to start a blog of your own, with so much in your bag, start invest…

5 reasons why summer internship can prove to be a real booster for you

There are a number of reasons why one should opt for a summer internship. First off, since it's summer vacations, students should not only focus on doing their homework but should try to seek work experience by means of an internship. In addition, learn how an actual workplace/organization functions.

Secondly, internships have stipends attached to it. Although, they are not much or the amount which is paid is not significant but the best bit is, it’s your to keep and you can spend it in any way you like. However, internships are often criticized due to the duties it entails such as getting coffee to the senior or making photocopies.

I am not denying that the above does not occur, still, it's better than sitting at home during summers.
1. Develop and/or build on skills Experts say that one of the major reasons why a summer internship is important is because individuals develop new skillset. Moreover, it offers a chance to the students to focus on certain skills which if they de…