3 Tips on how to NOT quit your day job while keeping those Dreams alive

You will find countless articles on the subject telling you to quit your job if you are to fulfill your dreams. But I am here to tell you otherwise. Firstly, it is not a wise move to quit your job. We all have responsibilities towards our family and bills are not going to get paid by themselves either. Financially you will be in a rut.
So without further ado let’s find out how you can achieve this feat.
  1. Find an intersection between your day job and your dream

It may be that you are in a marketing department working your arse off to make money and since the job is so demanding you rarely find time to do anything, let alone pursue your passion. But carefully ponder that the job you presently might be honing your skills that you may capitalize on elsewhere.
For marketing people (example above), they possess good interpersonal communication skills, are farsighted and have the tendency to map the environment. If you wish to start a blog of your own, with so much in your bag, start investing in your personal brand. Bring it all together and you have a winner.
  1. Find a job that requires as little energy as possible

I know, it is not our call. If you are looking to make ends meet financially you will latch onto it even if it is remotely related to your field. But a word to the wise that if your circumstances are not so dire then it's best to look for a job in the first place which requires less amount of energy.
It is because at the end of the day when you get home, you shouldn’t feel all worn out but enough to carry on with other tasks. When you have energy, you can choose to enroll in a course that is in sync with your passion such as web development. There are a ton of courses you can select from online and are free too!
  1. View your day job through the lens of your dream

The corporate jobs suck you dry, there is no doubt about that! But on the other side, you will notice it is offering you with a rich experience that will not only enable you to pursue your passion but also teaches you lessons in life that will greatly benefit you as you progress along in life. Not a bad bargain when you come to think of it.
Okay before you start hating me, let me breakdown the advantages a corporate job entails. You meet interesting (annoying) people and that helps you to learn to coexist. Imagine as an entrepreneur you are faced with a bully, you can cash in on your experience on how you dealt that office bully.
The challenging tasks enable you to answer and solve the most intricate problems at your workplace. As an entrepreneur, you will come across insurmountable pressures. You can always look back in time to see how you survived at your workplace. And there can be a number of such examples.
In conclusion
Hold your head high, and continue to press forward. You will have your opportunity. But the opportunity you have in the form of a day job is a blessing. Do not throw it away. Keep learning and save money. In short, follow a practical approach when making such decisions.
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5 reasons why summer internship can prove to be a real booster for you

There are a number of reasons why one should opt for a summer internship. First off, since it's summer vacations, students should not only focus on doing their homework but should try to seek work experience by means of an internship. In addition, learn how an actual workplace/organization functions.

Secondly, internships have stipends attached to it. Although, they are not much or the amount which is paid is not significant but the best bit is, it’s your to keep and you can spend it in any way you like. However, internships are often criticized due to the duties it entails such as getting coffee to the senior or making photocopies.

I am not denying that the above does not occur, still, it's better than sitting at home during summers.

1. Develop and/or build on skills

Experts say that one of the major reasons why a summer internship is important is because individuals develop new skillset. Moreover, it offers a chance to the students to focus on certain skills which if they dedicate time and effort on can give them an edge when they step into the practical world to pursue a career.

These very interns stay ahead in their game as a result when compared to their colleagues who haven’t had any prior internship experience and who are only now starting to figure out the ropes of a workplace environment.

2. Network, network, network

Okay enough with the learning curve, you are not just there to learn but also to interact with people around you. That is how you network. Networking is overlooked when we talk about workplace because we are always so focused on learning new skills and attending job duties that we forget that we need people alongside to achieve success in life.

Interns can take full advantage of this opportunity. It is because when their internship period is over they would be needing a recommendation from colleagues so that they can land a full-time role in the organization. Even if they leave, the networks they have made will refer or inform them of job opportunities elsewhere.

3. Improve the resume

So you have graduated and are about to start your first full-time job hunt but you don't have experience. Thus you only put how passionate you are about a certain field and how good you did in school – grades and everything. Now take the case of the person who has had a summer internship at a reputable firm.

He will have a lot more to say on his resume. His resume will be considered over others, naturally. The resume with experience speaks volumes in terms of the sacrifice made on the part of the student to dedicate his time and energy for seeking out professional skills and work experience.

4. Gain real world work experience

I made the mention of it in my opening para. Nothing beats the real world experience. What we learn in the classrooms is only a tip of the ice berg. And there is no best way to experience practical life than by working where you are faced with challenging job assignments, meeting deadlines, dealing with different kinds of people and so on.

5. Apply classroom concepts to real work life

This is it! Whatever concepts and theories you have learned in the comfortable setting of your classroom, it is now time to put them to test. You will see it is way different. The theoretical world is limited and is limited to books alone. In the practical world, only a minute percentage of what we learn is applied rest is all learning by doing.

Author bio: Sirena Atkinson is a professor at a leading institution and loves to write. You can contact her for any help with assignment writing by visiting the website.