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Author fees reduced for Plant Science Today

For a limited period, i.e. up to 30 May 2015, the author fees has been reduced. It was decided to reduce the author fees for papers submitted up to 30 May 2015. The rate is only US$75 for all types of papers from all countries. For authors from under-developed countries, further reduced rate will be given depending on the country of origin of the corresponding author. To submit a paper, go to Note:- The above announcement was posted at Plant Science Today journal site (link). Vol 2, No 2 (2015) DOI:
Table of Contents Review ArticlesO-glycosylation in plant and mammal cells: the use of chemical inhibitors to understand the biosynthesis and function of O-glycosylated proteinsPDFMewono Ludovic, Nguema-Ona Eric, Gotte Maxime, Koroney Abdoul-Salam, Marie-Laure Follet-Gueye, Driouich Azeddine, Vicré-Gibouin Maïté, Aboughe-Angone Sophie43-51Ethnobotanical Importance and Phytochemica…

Automobile engineering: a high flying career

Engineering is a vast field having varied options for an aspiring engineer to choose from and make a career in it. One such option to choose is automobile engineering that is widely needed in the automobile industry. Presently, this industry is one of the fastest growing ones and offers a great chance for newcomers to get jobs and bring out something new to the industry. It is a specialized branch of mechanical engineering which intersects each other to offer better opportunity.

An engineer working in automobile industry will design as per the performance, comfort, maintenance, environmental impact and looks of the vehicle. Moreover, the engineer has to work closely with test drivers to understand the changes needed and to work on problem if any arises. Automobile industry works on innovation, and so is why automobile engineers have to think out of the box and bring something new. Many top car making companies look for young and innovative minds to manufacture cars with new feature t…

5 simple things you must do before appearing for your next interview

You must have given a lot of interviews, read and heard about lot of interview advice and tips and probably be an interview master by now. Or, you might be a fresher. Whoever you are, this post will interest you as it covers the simple things that we forget to do and ruin our chances of being the best possible candidate for a job. 

Interview tips are pervasive. You search the web, and there are zillions of articles that talk about perfecting interview skills. However, we still don’t get it right because most of these advices are too complex to follow in practice. Here we talk about simple changes that you can include in your run up to an interview, which can change the entire complexion of the outcome. Job opportunities have this habit of sneaking upon us. Someone from your professional network might just call you out from the blue and ask you to come over a round of an interview, for a position which he deems fit for your career growth. Either way, going for that big interview isn’t a…