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Advantages of dual specializations in MBA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduates have become an important part of every industry. With the growing economy, we see MBA aspirants focusing on certain specialisations such as sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR and so on. Certain candidates also opt to pursue MBA with dual specialisation. Such degrees are offered by various B-Schools and colleges across India.   Some of the common dual specialisations taken up by students are Marketing and Finance, Marketing and Operations, Marketing and HR, Operations and Human Resource Management (HRM), HRM and IT, IT and Marketing and so on.
Candidates can pursue dual MBA in full-time, part-time, online, executive and correspondence modes.
Why is there a growing demand for dual specialisations? What’s the market value and advantages of dual MBA specialisation? Is there are cons to this?
Let us examine each factor in favour of specializations in MBA individually.
1. Market Benefits As the market opens up, various industry requires …