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Invitation to Editorial Board of Plant Science Today

In two years, Plant Science Today (ISSN 2348-1900) has rapidly grown into a highly successful journal, publishing over 70 high quality research articles which span all subject areas of plant science.

For this reason, we are looking to expand our Editorial Board.

The extensive team of editors will be responsible for handling submissions through peer review; they will invite reviewers and use the reports to offer advice to the Editor in Chief on accept/reject decisions.

Academies are asked to assess manuscripts for their methodological quality and determine whether the manuscripts add new results to the available body of literature. Plant Science Today will not reject any manuscript because it is of limited interest: as long as it is sound, new, and has passed peer-review then it can be accepted.

Editors should also ensure that manuscripts submitted to Plant Science Today follow all applicable scientific standards, and discipline-specific best practice guidelines. Guidance on handling …