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Managing and Maintaining Culture Diversity in the Workplace

“If God painted the world without differences in color, his palette would be empty. The painting would be blank.”-Areej K.
What is a world without any differences? Differences and variation is like a painter’s palette with several shades of different colors; some which he squeezed out directly from a tube, and others which he had to mix to make something new and unique. This is diversity!
Cultural diversity is also a form of diversity. It is a result of different people belonging from different countries, religion, race, caste or creed and, therefore, originating from a background of an entirely different culture.
Diversity In The Workplace
With an increase in globalization came an increase in cultural diversity in the workplace. The most successful businesses are now run by exploiting the advantages of the global marketplace. Working with the Chinese for product material and manufacturing, outsourcing call center tasks to India, and then assembling the final product at your home country …