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Will Online HR Systems Replace Human HR Professionals?

We are always talking about the importance of being tech savvy and increasing its use to benefit our businesses, but does that also mean that technology will make many jobs obsolete, particularly in the Human Resource side of things?
Businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of payroll software and the likelihood of replacing and reducing the number of Human Resource professionals that conduct a lot of Human Resource functions. Due to this, in more progressive organizations, human resource managers shift their efforts and time to higher value activities, such as succession planning, work force analytics, and leadership development. Professionals who resist using automated processes are usually put under pressure to either adapt or risk being made redundant.
However, the truth is that this massive shift is not something that is being witnessed in the Human Resource department alone; it is also in other areas of a business as well. Professionals face the “automation challenge” …

An Organisation’s Guide to Effective Health and Safety Compliance!

Health and Safety Compliance has become a growing concern for organisations. As organisations incessantly continue to seek expansion and growth, mobilising their workforce and optimising work processes to enhance efficiency is critical. This has brought about a significant change in operational designs, and while it has certainly boosted productivity, it has brought with it a fair share of associated occupational health and safety hazards.
Occupational Health and Safety Hazards are the risk factors that might threaten, damage, or inflict any sort of harm to an employee’s health and wellbeing. It is the responsibility of the employer and the management to ensure the health and safety of the employee. In order to preserve and ensure the employee’s right to a safe and risk-free working environment, the Australian government has mandated organisations to comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations. WHS RegulationsAs per WHS Regulations, all organisations are legally obl…

What Influences Gold Price Movements

Currencies all over the globe use this metal as their standard of value. The currency value stated usually in US dollars is the price of gold. This price can easily fluctuate as market conditions change. In the current market environment, there are plenty of factors that contribute to gold price movements. Global Crisis Prices of gold tend to increase when people lack confidence in financial markets and governments. Since gold is considered a safe haven in economic crisis, this is also the time when gold equates more interest from investors. This is one of the reasons why it is called ‘crisis commodity’. History validates this too. When the Russians moved into Ukraine the price of gold skyrocketed because people became unsure of the geopolitical stability in the region. In many cases military action increases the reassurance in geopolitical situations. Interest Rates Gold may not be paying out an interest rate like having bonds and savings accounts do. But gold prices are a result …

Have A Work Uniform Or Not?

It still remains a topic of debate; whether work uniforms should be needed or not. Ever since their existence, they have helped distinguish employees of different designations and offices from one another. Another myth that is prevalent is that uniforms are always boring and unflattering. They hold back individuals to showcase their own personality and choice. On the contrary, the second school of thought believes that they are an excellent means of advertisement for the company or the brand they are affiliated with, and promotes professionalism in the company. So, how can companies decide if they should go for one or shouldn’t when faced with the dilemma?
It isn’t going to be as easy as flipping a coin and deciding. It becomes a big investment decision when you have a workforce of more than a 100 people working under you, calling for an in-depth study of its pros and cons. In this article, we are going to do just that. Starting With Their Positive AspectThey advertise your company: Whe…

Helping Your Child Make a Career Decision

Doctor. Lawyer. Teacher. Veterinarian.
Chances are, you have a lot of dreams for your child's future. Maybe you hope he'll become an astronaut like he wanted to as a small child. Maybe you want him to take over the family business and be like you. Maybe you even hope your child will simply find a career path that he loves.
No matter how old your child is, it's natural for you to feel concerned over his future job. Whether he asked you for advice or not, there are a few ways you, as a parent, can help him make a career decision he'll love.
Never Undermine Your Child’s Skills
First off, never undermine your child's skills.
If he tells you that he wants to be a baseball player, for example, consider helping him find a way to make it a reality. Could you sign him up for lessons? Maybe you could arrange for him to practice one-on-one with a baseball coach. Additionally, you could help your child look at colleges with strong baseball teams.
Even if you think your child'…

Get Hired: How To Land Your Dream Job in 2017

The difference between a practical bill-paying job and a fulfilling dream career is like two distinct planets. On the one planet, you have misery and despair at every minute you're clocked into work. On the second planet, you have a blast every time you show up to work, and your life quality reflects this because of your job. While the world has been revolutionized hundreds of times through technology, our hiring process has stayed the same since the early 1970s. Whether it's posting, applying or interviewing for a job, not much has changed.
Step 1: Rewrite the Rules of EngagementOur first step to create an extraordinary life means rewriting how we engage in meaningful employment. When the company Fishbowl abolished meetings, managers and performance reviews, numerous critics questioned what they did throughout their day without it. The short answer was work. While the company employees still make mistakes on the job, they love it more, and as a result, the focus has been aime…