Get Hired: How To Land Your Dream Job in 2017

The difference between a practical bill-paying job and a fulfilling dream career is like two distinct planets. On the one planet, you have misery and despair at every minute you're clocked into work. On the second planet, you have a blast every time you show up to work, and your life quality reflects this because of your job. While the world has been revolutionized hundreds of times through technology, our hiring process has stayed the same since the early 1970s. Whether it's posting, applying or interviewing for a job, not much has changed.

Step 1: Rewrite the Rules of Engagement

Our first step to create an extraordinary life means rewriting how we engage in meaningful employment. When the company Fishbowl abolished meetings, managers and performance reviews, numerous critics questioned what they did throughout their day without it. The short answer was work. While the company employees still make mistakes on the job, they love it more, and as a result, the focus has been aimed more at improving.

Step 2: Break the Conventional with the Unconventional

To find your dream job, you sometimes have to blaze a new trail and apply for jobs that have never even been listed. The advantage is how you will connect with extraordinary people from every walk of life. Most great jobs fill up before the company even posts an advertisement on Craigslist. Also, make friends with the people of companies you want to work in. You can learn more about the work, and sometimes, they will inform you ahead of time when a position has opened up.

Step 3: Develop Mastery

Networking opens doors in brick walls, but skills will always triumph over traits like charisma, likability and even charm. When you develop a mastery over your chosen profession, you're creating job opportunities as you speak. Companies hire the person they think will deliver the strongest results. They want a fast learner and people who take the initiative to educate themselves. With the rise of the internet, you have a boundless ocean of resources that will never run dry. Resumes give you your foot in the door, and they state what you have accomplished over the course of your career. As the old writing adage goes, "Show, don't tell." You want to build a portfolio to represent the real you and the values you represent.

Money: It's Not as Important as You Think

When you have skill, money will come to you. Bosses will unhesitatingly give you a raise if they're afraid to lose the assets you bring to the company—you just have to be bold enough to ask and willing to walk if necessary. However, never make a threat you're not willing to keep. People good at their job will find that the money comes in more effortlessly, and they also discover their calling in putting forth the extra effort. When you play the game for money, status or power, many times, you are left with this hunger of never being satisfied.

Prepare for the Interview

Know the questions that will be asked and how you plan to respond to them ahead of time. It goes a long way to eliminate confusion, and you look more professional when you have a good response to the interviewer. Approximately 33 percent of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of whether or not they should hire you. They look at how you dress, walk and act when opening the office door. Before leaving, always ask for the job. According to Inc., the most common mistake interviewees make is to not ask for the job.

Outlining your career goals and values will also help you to define the best job for yourself. You want a job that aligns with who you are as a person and the lifestyle you want to live. You have to be bold when going after your dream job. As Aristotle once said, you will never do anything in the world without having courage. It's one of the best qualities in the mind right next to honour.

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