8 Essential Tips to Excel In Skype Interview

In today’s technological world, more and more employers are conducting initial job interviews over Skype, Live Messenger or other video chat services. This saves the time and money of both, the employer and the candidates.
Also, it is much easier and quicker way of finding perfect candidates for an organization. But interviewing well through video requires a different type of preparation.
Below given are the 8 essential tips that will help you excel in Skype interview:
  • Test the Tools In Advance
When it’s a matter of giving interview using your PC and internet connection, you should be ready for the unanticipated. You must test all equipment in advance, and make sure that your internet and Skype connection is working properly.
Before giving the final interview, download Skype and become familiar with majority of its features. Then, try to Skype one of your friend and take feedback about yourself. All this is important to do beforehand; otherwise it will be difficult to have a proper discussion if there would be any technological interruptions and difficulties.
  • Prepare Your Surroundings
Your backgrounds can be just as important as your individual appearance. Whether the interview is being conducted from your home or any other setting, the interviewer doesn’t want to see you sitting in front of a pile of junk.
So, you must pick a quiet place for the interview (i.e. no phone ringing, no one walking in and out of your room, no children playing or shouting, etc), clean up the room, and remove anything distracting behind you.
  • Treat It Like Face-to-Face Interview
Whether you are going to give a phone interview or an interview on Skype, you have to be prepared as you do for a face-to-face interview. Research about the company, read the job description, go through your CV and be prepared to answer some frequently asked interview questions.
Don’t take a chance by being less prepared, thinking that it’s just a video chat between two parties.

  • Dress-Up
Always dress-up yourself, whenever you are going to give any type of job interview. Dressing-up professionally will prepare you physically as well as mentally for the Skype interview. You might feel silly to dress-up professionally at home, but it will make all the differences and make you look presentable to the interviewer.

  • Look Into the Camera, Not At the Picture
As it is normal to look at other person’s face while talking to them, most people look at their computer screen while video chatting. But, if you look at the computer screen, you will not be able to maintain eye contact with your interviewer.
Hence, the only way to maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer is by looking directly into the webcam.
  • Don’t Get Distracted By Your Own Image
While giving an interview on Skype, you may find a small image of yourself in the corner of your computer screen. You don’t have to look at yourself instead of the interviewer.
 If you get distracted by this, you can change your settings to remove that small window completely, or you can cover it with a Post-It note.
  • Create Professional Username
Whether it is your e-mail id, Skype, or any other videoconferencing application, you must have a professional user name that you sign in with. Always create a professional user name instead of something like pizzalove or prettybabe. If you are not able to use just your name because it’s already taken, try your name combined with your profession or company (for example, Sneha_manager).

  • Close Other Programs on Your Computer
Getting Facebook notifications during your Skype interview is unprofessional and may distract you. Therefore, before interview, make sure all other windows on your computer are closed.