7 Things NOT to Do When Starting a Business

So, one day you will decide to start your own business but you do not really know how it all works. The first thing to do it this case is to search the Internet. You can find great and inspirational success stories, tips for beginners and what do you need to start your own business. Although, when you are new to all this, I think it is really important to know what NOT to do to avoid mistakes and inconvenient situations. It is always better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes. So, let us take a look at 7 things that will help you to start successful company.

1. Do not think about the money
Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that money is not important. But one of the biggest mistakes people do when starting a company is that all they care about is money. Nothing is going to work if you make money your number one priority. Because you begin to think that when you will have your own business setup, you will earn millions, but in fact, you won’t. That will make you sad and angry, you will think that nothing is working the way you planned and you will more likely give up. The point is to pick the right business, that kind of thing that will make you happy. Do what you like and then you will begin to make money from it. But never focus only on money.

2. Do not plan everything
Sounds crazy, right? Like how can you successfully run a business, even a small one, if you do not have a plan? But what I mean is try not to plan everything from beginning to the end because you never know what is going to happen when you will actually begin to work. Moreover, a lot of people are so focused on planning that they forget that they need to take action. One singer once said that many newcomers among musicians spend so much time making up a name for the band, thinking about the cover of the album and all that organizational things that they forget to write music. The same thing happens with business. Start acting! Plan a little bit, the most important things and go make your small first steps.

3. Do not waste money
We are all good at wasting money but not all of us are good at making them. Another mistake that beginners make is thinking about the way to spend their money and not about the work. Who told you that you need to buy an expensive website, buy a good car to look more successful or make millions of business cards. All you need is you, your ideas, your desire to make it all work. Go out there, talk to your customers, spend your time but not your money. Firstly, you need to earn some.

4. Do not be a loner
Yes, you might be confident, you might think that you do not need anybody’s help but you are wrong. Let people help you, whether it is somebody who has ideas for your company, or if you are a student, somebody who can help you out with your studies so you can have more free time to begin working on your plan. Starting a business as a student is especially hard, so you need help. When I need to write my paper and I just do not have time for this, I always know that there are people I can trust with this. Also, do not be afraid to go online and reach out to people, find friends and volunteers. The Internet is a powerful thing.

5. Do not jump into the partnership
Partnership sounds great. Being surrounded by people who are working on the same idea, having the same hopes and dreams about this business, what could be better? But wait. The partnership is a serious step, like marriage or decision to have a baby. You are going to spend most of the time with these people, you are going to work on something you dreamt of. That is why, before making any life-changing decisions, you need to make sure you can trust these people and that you have the same vision for the future of your company, you must have the same values. And the best way to find that all out before you start a business with them. is to work on some small projects together, see it you can even work side by side, if you get along. Give it a time, pick the right person.

6. Do not think that you know everything
Yes, it is your own business and it might seem like you know better than others what to do with it. And a lot of people failed because of thinking this way. You are just starting, so let people who already have some experience guide you a little. Read success stories, watch videos where people explain what to do to start your own business, if you are a student, read articles where you can find information on starting your own business as a student. There is so much information, just use it! Learn from people. It does not mean that you need to apply every single advice you hear or read, use that to analyze your strategies, use them as inspiration. There is no end to improvement.

7. Do not forget why you started it
Always remember why you decided to start your company at a first place. The more you work on your business, the easier it is to forget why have you started it anyway. Especially if things do not go your way. But if you already in it, you made it your second home, you have a goal you wanted to reach, then go for it. Do not stop, do not give up. It will take a lot of time and you will need to put a lot of effort but it will be all worth it.