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9 Most Overused Words You Need To Stop Using In Your Resume

Resume can be one of the most critical factors when it comes to deciding your fate in an organization or a career objective. You are in for trouble if your resume does not stand out of the crowd and it looks like another copy of the hundreds piled up previously for trash. There are a lot of words that are overused in a resume which have the employers cringing away. According to LinkedIn, there are a lot of words that have been overused globally. They issue annual buzzwords to support their claim. If your resume includes any of the following words, you need to stop today: Motivated You wouldn’t be applying for the job if you weren’t motivated. Motivated is a psychological term which drives you to do something. Even if you are driven for the need of money, you are still motivated; there is no need to mention it in the resume. Passionate Passionate generally means something you deeply care about. Now,“passionate” has become the most overused word globally. If you mention in your resume t…