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Lucrative Careers in Two Years or Less

It's extremely common to not have the time, the funds, or the patience to attend four or more years of school to land a dream job. The good news is that if you cannot earn a bachelor's degree or even a higher degree, you're not forced to work at a dead-end, low-paying job for the rest of your life. With as little as two years of schooling, or even less in some cases, you can land a lucrative career doing something you actually enjoy while making a decent amount of money. The options for careers in two years or less are actually quite large, giving you the opportunity to find something that would make you happy.

Massage Therapist
A career in massage therapy is extremely rewarding. As a massage therapist, you'll be able to use your touch to help relieve pain, ease tension, promote relaxation, improve circulation, and help heal injuries. The education requirements to become a massage therapist vary by state, but you'll be required to attend a massage therapy school t…