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The U.S. Employment Stats

This post first appeared onFloatingPath The unemployment rate (U-3) decreased in November to 7.0% from 7.3% in October while the broader unemployment rate (U-6) decreased to 13.2% from 13.8%. The labor force participation rate increased to 63.0% from 62.8%.The employment-population ratio increased to 58.6% from 58.3%.The labor force participation rate among all men increased in November to 69.4% from 69.2% in October. October reading was the lowest participation rate on record.The labor force participation rate among all women increased to 57.0% from 56.9%.Among production and non-supervisory employees, average weekly hours worked increased to 33.7 from 33.6 last month. Average hourly earnings increased to $20.31 from $20.28, making average weekly earnings of $684.45 from $681.41 last month.The average duration of unemployment decreased in November to 37.2 weeks compared to 36.1 weeks in O…

US payrolls change by industry Nov 2013

This post first appeared onFloatingPathThe job gains this month were fairly well spread across industries.Mining and Logging: +0k payrolls compared to +3k last month.Construction: +17k payrolls compared to +12k last month.Manufacturing: +27k payrolls compared to +16k last month.Wholesale Trade: +6.8k payrolls compared to -8.1k last month.Retail Trade: +22.3k payrolls compared to +45.8k last month.Transportation: +30.5k payrolls compared to +3.1k last month.Information Services: -1k payrolls compared to +4k last month.Financial Activities: -3k payrolls compared to +7k last month.Professional Services: +35k payrolls compared to +38k last month.Education: +40k payrolls compared to +40k last month.Leisure and Hospitality: +17k payrolls compared to +49k last month.Other Services: +4k payrolls compared to +4k last month.Government: +7k payrolls compared to -14k last mo…

+203k jobs were added in November in US

This post first appeared onFloatingPathThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in its employment situation release this morning that +203kjobs were added in November. The October job gains were revised up to +200k.

US Employment situation snapshot Nov 2013

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London's unemployment rate falls again

The London area’s unemployment rate continued to fall in November, hitting 7.5 per cent, the lowest point in almost four years.

Statistics Canada released their monthly report Friday on the nation’s unemployment rate, including major cities.
But the figure for the London-St. Thomas area, although it drops the region below those with the highest rates in the province, may not be as positive as it seems at first glance.

In fact, according to Statistics Canada last month about 2,400 people dropped out of the local job market.
It's a trend John Griffiths, a career counsellor at the Goodwill Career Centre, is seeing first hand.

"People are finding work, so there's some real aspect to the reduction in the employment rate, but it's always a complicated number and it's partly about people who are withdrawing from the labour market, partly about people who are leaving London to find work as we…