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The 5 Best MENA Countries to Work In

Employment rates are typically considered an important indicator of a robust economy and growth.
When many people are employed, it signifies that a country has a stable economy; businesses are busy and highly profitable so that retrenchment never happens, and there is a constant need to hire additional employees.
Because of this, a high employment rate is used as an indicator of a country’s prosperity.The Legatum Institute, a renowned UK-based educational charity, includes this factor, which falls under the Economic Quality pillar, in their yearly ranking of the world’s most prosperous nations.
The Legatum Prosperity Index’s Economic Quality pillar is measured using five key areas:
Structural economic policies Economic satisfaction and expectations Distribution of wealth Labor and financial engagement Production quality and diversity
With these areas in mind, this particular pillar evaluates each country’s openness of economy and business and financial opportunities for organizations and…