6 Ways To Find Your Potential Career

When people want to acquire a professional occupation, they tend to seek out only those that match their personality, skills and passion. However, there are times when people who are already employed in a company feel conflicted and distraught. This may be because of the fact that they are currently not satisfied due to being underpaid, having personal issues with other co-workers or maybe that they simply feel that it is not where their true passion lies.

Sometimes, people are caught between switching their jobs, of which they do not find themselves at harmony with, and their family whom they have to feed, clothe and shelter. There are also times when your job is something that you never wanted but can never let go out of desperation. To put it as bluntly as we can, it is never easy finding the right kind of job.

Which is why we have prepared this special piece just so we can help find you a most potential and befitting occupation. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Be Your Own Person

Many of the adults, especially your parents, expect you to live up to their expectations and occupy the same job as them in the future. The only problem is that your interests are much more deviant and less similar than theirs. You need to be more conscious and open-minded over here because you may detest their work environment and end up ultimately regretting it in the end.

Take charge of your own life at college cause in the end it is you who has to make the final decision of where you want to work and not your parents. Doing everything they say will make you more of a puppet instead of a human being.

2. Focus On Your Strengths And Qualities

Your skills, passion and hobbies are what separate you from others. They are what basically define your character and self-esteem. Concentrate on all of these aspects as they are what garners praise from the people who observe your actions. Focus on these strengths and what your potential company expects from you because they will serve as your greatest savior.

3. Take An Aptitude Test

Before you make it out of high-school and subsequently college, you will need to undergo a certain survey test or as it is more commonly known as aptitude test. Go to your communications or examinations department and apply for an aptitude test to see where your skills, likes and dislikes can take you. It is simple but you need to be extra diligent when you take it up.

4. Career Development Course

Once you have acquired your admission into college, seek enrollment into a career development course. This course will systematically help you analyze your skills, attributes and qualities and will let you know precisely what career path awaits you ahead of college.

5. Take An Online Career Test

There are plenty of fascinating career and aptitude tests that you can visit online. For security measures it is best that you use Google as the optimal search engine and a reliable antivirus software program to help you evade virally harmful and infected sites. Aptitude tests are also available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

6. Seek Aid Of A Counselor

If you are still profoundly baffled and confused about the next approach that you need to take for your career, seek the aid of a recognizable and respected counselor. They will provide you with a personality test and also question you about your hobbies and interests to give you a better assessment about your future.

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How to become proficient as a product manager?

Many things have been written regarding product development methods, innovation processes and innovation strategies. These issues are significant and eventually illustrate a better means for performing the work of product management. However, the practical thing is that for majority of product managers there is and would always be an array of regular product management activities which tend to consume strategic time.

Outline: In this article how you can excel as a product manager it has been discussed at length the various aspects of product development. While product managers might feel responsible for each part of their product, the effective role of product manager would be compromised if they adopt an auxiliary attitude.

What the job position demands 

The task of product management in any company is more significant in comparison to just responding to inquiries regarding the product from Customer Service, Marketing, PR, Sales and resolving small product issues which arise at the time of life-cycle of the product that might impact a tiny fraction of the target market of the product only. While few troubleshooting is expected, it is more significant to look for insights and patterns regarding the performance of the product of your company, your customers and your competitors which some of these regular questions and issues can uncover.

Why are product managers necessary?:Product numbers

For day to day product management, reporting the product numbers is a vital issue, however, it should not be carried out just because the management needs a monthly or weekly update. You should thoroughly study the key performance indicators to track and prepare the report. Irrespective of what sort of product you take care of, always there are key numbers which would help you judging the performance of your product in the market. Over a period of time this data would offer patterns which will permit you to notice changes in the performance of the product in the market.

Along with these key performance indicators you should notice the PR or sales activity, the timing of the market which might have an adverse or a positive effect on the performance of the product. For instance you may run monthly or weekly promotional offers for subscribers of first time. Reviewing the numbers in context of the offer and keeping track of the details would enable you to identify which offer stop or maintain. Monthly offer of type one might drive higher sales compared to monthly of type two. In that case, observing and reporting on the issue would offer you better scope to take good decisions.

You should overview the activity of your competitor particularly if they have introduced a new feature or a new price point that might hamper the performance of your product in the marketplace. You should also verify the alterations in the key performance indicators which you follow and find whether they suit with outside changes in the marketplace. A close look of the product numbers offers the product managers a view about historical behaviors. This would act as a guideline to forecast and plan the next measures to take.

Keeping track of the customers 

Often it is found that product manager engage with customers when the development cycle of the product begins or when they have something particular to inquire regarding a new feature or a new product. However, the most tedious part of a product manager’s daily role is fixing the appropriate time to contact customers at some point to pay attention to them and notice their business, job and lifestyle and to determine the issues, workarounds or inefficiencies which they tackle with. Based on your product various means are there to talk with customers on a daily basis. For product manager controlling B2B products, passing some time at the office of your clients would offer valuable insights.

Reviewing and re-evaluating the valuation of your product 

In your daily job of product management it is significant to remain up to date about the position of your products in the marketplace and capable of articulating its proposition value succinctly. A value proposition would always be under control when there are alternatives of competing product. You should continuously do the market undertaking and competitor analysis so that the pricing and promotion strategies of the products continue to offer value to the customer and consequently good results for the business.

Knowing all these details are important for everyone applying to open product manager jobs so that they have the right expectations and match up to them while joining in new companies.

Author Bio: [Saurabh Tyagi] The author has completed his MBA degree from a reputed institution of India and is presently attached in a private company as a product manager. He has immense experience about the job of a product manager.