Connecting One Fragrant Scent at a Time

In my work as a Human Resources specialists for a local manufacturing firm, I’m usually the first person an applicant meets after they get passed the initial phone interview.  An interview can be a daunting experience, so I try to put the person at ease when we meet.  For some, it’s their first job interview ever.  We recruit heavily from our local high school and technical college populations, and act as a feeder to give the local youth a solid step on their career path.  To prepare, they talk to friends and mentors about what to wear, what to say and how important it is to be on time.  I wanted to find a way to put them at ease and found the solution in of all places, the cute little Birchbox I receive each month.  I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and eagerly await my goodies each month. 

I got the idea by searching for beauty products on Groupon.  When I read the reviews, I wanted to give it a try, and used a handy Groupon coupon for my first subscription.  I received 50% off my first box because I signed up for a monthly subscription.  Groupon has lots of codes and special promos for Birchbox so I often use them as gifts for friends.  This time of year brings in invites to lots of bridal showers, baby showers, graduations and other festive occasions.  I’m glad that Birchbox now has offerings for many occasions, not just beauty boxes, but life affirming boxes.  It makes gift giving so easy to do.

Well, it wasn’t long before the samples started piling up.  One day, while trying to comfort a young lady who burst into tears during her interview, I instinctively reached into my desk drawer and handed her a lip balm from my stash.  She thanked me profusely and started to cry again, saying it was the nicest thing to happen to her in a long time.  I could tell she really needed a job, so I worked hard to find her a spot, which I did.

It was a simple gesture, offering her a lip balm, sharing some of the beauty I had the fortune to receive each month.  And I’ve given away samples from my overflow stash many times since. It’s just something nice I can do to connect to those who cross my path because of the generous package I get each month from Birchbox.. 

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The demand for qualified and capable medical scribes has continued to grow these past two years. Doctors and physicians, as well as hospitals and medical institutions, are realizing the value of medical scribes more. For those of you who don't know, medical scribes help physicians in handling secretarial and non-clinical tasks. Their presence allows doctors to allocate more of their time for patient care.

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