Chinese researchers warn of new virus in pigs with human pandemic risk

A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to be watched closely in case it becomes a potential “pandemic virus”, a study said, although experts said there is no imminent threat.

A team of Chinese researchers looked at influenza viruses found in pigs from 2011 to 2018 and found a “G4” strain of H1N1 that has “all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus”, according to the paper, published by the US journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Pig farm workers also showed elevated levels of the virus in their blood, the authors said, adding that “close monitoring in human populations, especially the workers in the swine industry, should be urgently implemented.”

The study highlights the risks of viruses crossing the species barrier into humans, especially in densely populated regions in China, where millions live in close proximity to farms, breeding facilities, slaughterhouses and wet markets.

The coronavirus that caused the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is believed to have originated in horseshoe bats in southwest China, and could have spread to humans via a seafood market in Wuhan, where the virus was first identified.

The PNAS study said pigs are considered important “mixing vessels” for the generation of pandemic influenza viruses and called for “systematic surveillance” of the problem.

China took action against an outbreak of avian H1N1 in 2009, restricting incoming flights from affected countries and putting tens of thousands of people into quarantine.

The new virus identified in the study is a recombination of the 2009 H1N1 variant and a once prevalent strain found in pigs.

But while it is capable of infecting humans, there is no imminent risk of a new pandemic, said Carl Bergstrom, a biologist at the University of Washington.

“There’s no evidence that G4 is circulating in humans, despite five years of extensive exposure,” he said on Twitter after the paper’s publication. “That’s the key context to keep in mind.”

COVAXIN from Bharat Biotech gets DCGI approval for Phase I & II Human Clinical Trials

The human trials of this vaccine candidate for COVID-19, indigenously developed in collaboration with ICMR-NIV, will start across India in July 2020

Bharat Biotech has successfully developed COVAXIN, a vaccine candidate for COVID-19, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV). The SARS-CoV-2 strain was isolated in NIV, Pune and transferred to Bharat Biotech. The indigenous, inactivated vaccine was developed and manufactured in Bharat Biotech’s BSL-3 (Bio-Safety Level 3) High Containment facility located in Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India.

The Drug Controller General of India – CDSCO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare granted permission to initiate Phase I & II Human clinical trials after the company submitted results generated from preclinical studies, demonstrating safety and immune response. Human clinical trials are scheduled to start across India in July 2020.

Announcing the vaccine development milestone, Dr Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director said, “We are proud to announce COVAXIN, India’s first indigenous vaccine against COVID-19. The collaboration with ICMR and NIV was instrumental in the development of this vaccine. The proactive support and guidance from CDSCO have enabled approvals to this project. Our R&D and manufacturing teams worked tirelessly to deploy our proprietary technologies towards this platform.”

Expedited through national regulatory protocols, the company accelerated its objective in completing the comprehensive pre-clinical studies. Results from these studies have been promising and show extensive safety and effective immune responses.
Suchitra Ella, Joint Managing Director said, “Our ongoing research and expertise in forecasting epidemics has enabled us to successfully manufacture a vaccine for the H1N1 pandemic. Continuing our focus on creating the only BSL-3 containment facilities for manufacturing and testing in India, Bharat Biotech is committed to advancing vaccine development as a matter of national importance to demonstrate India’s strength in handling future pandemics.”

What Do You Do When No One is Watching?

We’ve All Been There

It’s easy, so easy, to take a look around and see that no one is watching you. So maybe you smoke a cigarette or watch that episode on Netflix instead of responding to that email.
When we’re out of the eyes of society it feels as though nothing counts. Similar to that old saying, if a tree falls in the forest and no one was there, did it make a noise? Did it really happen?
The answer is yes. Life doesn’t just happen when you’re around other people. Life keeps going even after you post that Instagram story. Life is happening even while you read this, whether you’re alone or not.

It’s the choices you make while you’re alone that will define who you become. The choices you made a year ago is the reason for where you are in life today. You should be your reason to start the habits you need in order to change your life.

More importantly, you need to do new habits when no one is watching. Blow others away with the magnificence you cultivated out of sight. See what you’re capable of. Fail, then fail again. Learn and try, keep trying. If no one is watching then who cares. Be everything you want to be.

It’s Time

It’s time for you to begin. Begin where you’re at, and grow from here.
Do it when no one is watching. There’s no pressure, but don’t let that allow you to flake or be lazy or do the thing you know you need to quit. What you do when you are alone, defines who you are. Who do you want to be?

Does it make you feel proud to cheat when no one is looking? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s exhilarating to cheat a little. To take care of a guilty pleasure. But don’t let those moments become a habit. You’re better than that.
I don’t even know you and I can tell you that you are wonderful, imperfect, and human. But I also know there’s more to you. I know that there is something deep, potentially buried inside you, that can change the world.

There is such immense beauty in being human. Our flaws and our failure define us, so does how we respond to them. Our failures fall and crumble which creates a foundation to build on. A foundation in knowing that you’ve survived the worst, and a choice about where to go from there.
Celebrate every time you choose progress over procrastination. Smile big and say out loud, “I did it.” Be proud of yourself for choosing yourself. Especially when no one is watching. Then, you can take solace in knowing that the life you’re living is one you chose. Actively and consistently. Not because you wanted more followers or likes. Not because you wanted someone to like you or validate you. But because you wanted it. You worked for it. You did it when no one was watching. You tried, failed, and succeeded in your own time, on your own schedule. Because you did it when no one is watching.

Are penguins becoming a major cause of climate change?

Poop emits noxious gases, but in the Antarctic, penguin faeces, which produce high levels of nitrous oxide, are becoming a major cause of climate change.

Recently,scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark took a research trip to South Georgia to investigate the effect of glacier retreat and penguin activity on greenhouse gas emissions. The penguins there spend the day eating krill, squid and fish, feeding their chicks, and producing guano (poop). Penguins, in fact, poop a lot, and tend to crowd closely together. This means that the guano inevitably accumulates in distinct amounts, so much so that it can be used to spot potential penguin colonies with satellites!

It was evident in the research by scientists that climate change is kicking off with an influx of penguin poop, which produces high levels of nitrous oxide, known as the laughing gas. It’s adding to greenhouse gases, contributing significantly to climate change. A penguin guano—indicative of their nitrogen-rich meals of krill and fish—melds with soil bacteria. “The maximum emissions are about 100 times higher than in a fertilised Danish field. It is truly intense—not least because nitrous oxide is 300 times more polluting than carbon dioxide,” explains Professor Bo Elberling of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management in the study published on Maryland-based news site Science Daily.

Climate change is having a greater impact on the Antarctic than other parts of the world, as per a report published by Greenpeace International. The glaciers are melting faster than they form, raising global sea levels. Less sea ice means penguins have to swim further to find food. Krill, or tiny crustaceans, are vital for almost all Antarctic life, providing food for many other species, including blue whales and Adélie penguins. But climate change is causing problems for krill as well. They depend on the edges of the sea ice for food and shelter. And as the oceans absorb more carbon dioxide, the water is becoming more acidic for krill.

The population of chinstrap penguins in western Antarctica has fallen by 77% since they were last surveyed in the 1970s, say scientists studying the impact of climate change. A media report on Reuters quotes Steve Forrest, a conservation biologist: “The declines are dramatic. Something is happening to the fundamental building blocks of the food chain. We’ve got less food abundance that’s driving these populations down lower and the question is, is that going to continue?”

As per a recent news report published in The Guardian, scientists have created the first large-scale map of microscopic algae on the Antarctic peninsula, potentially creating a source of nutrition for other species. Biologists from the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey spent six years to detect and measure the green snow algae, using a combination of satellite data and ground observation.

The Earth Science Communications Team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, reported that the NASA-funded team in 2018 unlocked some long-standing secrets about the Adélie penguin, a species that can provide an early warning of threats to Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem. Casey Youngflesh, a graduate student from Stony Brook University, New York, along with Stony Brook associate professor Heather Lynch, are part of the team, tapping into Landsat satellite imagery to see if Adélie’s diet has been varying in response to Antarctica’s changing climate.

“It is interesting that no obvious trend in diet was seen over time, despite changes in the physical environment,” Youngflesh said. “Since the abundance and distribution of Adélie penguins has changed dramatically over the last 40 years and scientists had hypothesised that a shift in diet may have played a role. These findings are important for our understanding of how the Antarctic ecosystem functions and how this system might change in the future.”

However, until a new ecosystem is in place, it has become extremely important for experts and biologists to observe the rapid change in the climate of the continent where the animal population is in danger.

List Of Free International Scholarship In Europe 2020 For International Students

Do you really want to apply for the Fully Funded Abroad Scholarships? After this lock down you will be able to study abroad because all scholarships are open by European universities & after selection they will arrange online classes for you until this COVID-19 is not going to be better in the world. List Of Free Scholarship In Europe 2020 will assist you to locate and get the modern-day Full Scholarships for International Students to Study Free of Cost.

These International Scholarships Consists of Bachelors Degree, Master Degree, Ph.D. & Post Doctoral as well as Diploma Programs. Most of the Scholarships don’t have an Application Fee. All the Students from around the globe are eligible to apply for International Scholarships 2020. These are the Top Fully Funded Foreign Scholarship Opportunities inside the world.

Also in some Scholarships you dont need to give IELTS & TOEFL . Even now there is alternative to IELTS test i.e Duolingo test. about this test you cans study in this post at the end. Each scholarship is mentioned with degree, deadline and link of applying.

List Of Fully Funded Scholarships in Abroad 

There are multiple scholarships announced in this year. Some of them are still open so we want to share with you. They are totally fully funded scholarships.

1. 300 University of South Australia Scholarships 2021 (Fully Funded)

University of South Australia Scholarships 2021 is open to apply for Master Degree Program & PhD Degree Program. South Australia Scholarship is for All International Students. It is Research Training Program (RTP) International Scholarship and is sponsored by Australian Government.

  • Sponsored Country: Australia
  • Total Scholarships: 300
  • Benefits: Fully Funded Scholarship for International students
  • Degree: Master & PhD
  • Deadline: 31 August 2020

2. Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2021 Stanford University (Fully Funded)

Finally, Applications are now open for the Biggest Knight Hennessy Scholarship in USA at the Stanford University for Autumn 2021. The Knight Hennessy Stanford University Scholarship offering 100 Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students to study Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD degrees.

  • Scholarship Country: United States of America
  • University: Stanford University
  • Scholarship By: Knight Hennessy Scholarship
  • Course Level: Masters, Ph. D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD Degrees.
  • Duration: 2 Year, 3 Year, 4 Year, 5 Year
  • Deadline: 14th October 2020

3. University of Dayton International Scholarship in USA 2021

University of Dayton International Scholarship in USA is offering Merit Scholarship & Text Book Scholarship to selected students who will come in USA at Dayton University. There is NO Application fee for applying in this scholarship.

United States of America International scholarship is fully sponsored.
Scholarship is for 4 years

  • Deadline: November 1, 2020

4. DAAD Germany Online Scholarships, Short Courses 2020 (Fully Funded)

DAAD Germany Online Scholarships is announced for international students. This is a Fully funded scholarship to pursue Master Degree Program, Short Online Courses & Language Courses. All Nationalities can apply for DAAD German Scholarship.

Sponsored By: DAAD -The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD (German: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

  • Hosting Country: By German Scholarship
  • Cost: Free only in registration you have to pay some amount which is not too much if you are really interested to take german degree or verified certificates.
  • Deadline: Different for each degree/Course

5. University OF Brunei Darussulam Scholarship 2021

Applications are open for University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship 2021. It is a Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students. Brunei Darussalam University is offering scholarship in Master Degree Program & PhD Degree Program to All applicants across the globe.

  • Country: Brunei
  • Degree Level: Master’s Degree, PhD Degree
  • Eligible Nationalities: All Foreign Nationals
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 14th July 2020

6. DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 2021 in Germany (Fully Funded)

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is funded by Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 2021 in Germany. DAAD is Now offering Helmut Schmidt Scholarship which the Most Famous and Highest-Paid Scholarship in Germany for International Students.

  • Scholarship Country: Germany
  • Scholarship By: Funded by the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded (No Application Fee)
  • Course Level: Masters
  • Deadline: 31st July 2020

7. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2021

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2021 is now open. Queen Elizabeth is a Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students from Commonwealth Countries to Study a Full time 2 Year Master Degree Program. The Scholarship will be awarded in Low and Middle income Commonwealth Countries.

  • Eligible Countries: Commonwealth Countries
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Financial Benefits: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 9 July 2020

8. Koc University Turkey Scholarship 2020 For Masters & PhD (Fully Funded)

Another Turkish Scholarship is announced by Koc University. Koc University Turkey Scholarship 2020 is for International students to pursue Master, MBA, LLB & PhD Degree in Turkish University at Koc.

  • Country: Turkey
  • University Sponsored By: Koc University
  • Degree: Master & PhD
  • Deadline: Each Course has different deadline

9. CERN Internship in Switzerland – Fully Funded Paid Summer Internship

CERN Internship in Switzerland is open now. It is Fully Funded Paid Internship In Abroad For International students. CERN Summer Internship Program is for Universities Students doing Bachelor & Master Degree Program in Any Field. All Nationalities are welcome to apply in Summer Internship 2020. Duration of CERN Switzerland Internships For International Students is Minimum 1 Month & Maximum 6 months.

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Sponsored organization: CERN
  • Duration: 1 To 6 Months
  • Funding: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 31 Oct 2020

Simple tips to improve your gut health

The onset of monsoon can influence infections in kids and elders.
Both children and senior citizens need to pay more attention on improving their gut immunity.
It is microbiota that matters the most. It matters even more when we have to deal with a pandemic like COVID-19.

The human microbiota is made up of trillions of cells, including healthy bacterias which are important for immunity as they usually live in our gastrointestinal tract.
The health of our gut microbiota has a critical role in how our immune system reacts to the disease.

Here are five simple tips you can follow to improve your gut health.

1. Well balanced diet

A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals is very crucial in maintaining and boosting immunity.
Make sure you add at least one portion of protein rich food like rajma, chickpeas, lobiya, milk , paneer, egg chicken fish etc in your meals.

Zinc-rich foods can help you fight various infections.
Include seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the day as per their liking.
You cut them into different shapes or combine them with their favourite cereal.

2. Yogurt

Curd or dahi contains healthy bacteria and acts as probiotic by improving gut immunity.
You can have it in the form of lassi, chaas, shakes or smoothie.

3. Vitamin C

It's not only good for your gut but overall immunity as well.
Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and kiwi are the best sources of vitamin C.

Other sources are citrus fruits like orange, amla, lemon and strawberry etc.
You can include it in the form of juices, shakes or lemonades. Apart from health and taste, it will also ensure good hydration.

4. Exercise 

Regular physical activity like jogging, cycling or yoga is very important to improve the over all well being.
Exercising daily ensures a good quality of sleep.
As for kids, it is very important to regulate and limit screen time to not more than 1 to 2 hours/day for kids of all age groups.

5. Superfoods

Nuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts rich in omega- 3 fatty acids, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seeds containing zinc can be had in between meals.
Spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic, basil, mint have several benefits when consumed on a daily basis.
Use it in your curries, salads or soups.


Certificates are a great way to boost your resume’s value and give you an upper hand over the ones who don’t possess a certificate. It also gives the impression that you are motivated, hardworking, and have a will to learn.
There are a number of online learning platforms that offer free courses. But the number of hoops that you have to jump through to get a free certificate is unnerving. Shelling out some bucks just to prove that you have learned something seems unfair sometimes.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 sites for free online courses that also offer certificates for no charge.

1. LinkedIn Learning
Earlier known as, LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn that offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, technology, creative, and business skills.

  • How many courses are offered for free? → 16,000+. In other words, ALL!
  • How to access these courses? → Go to LinkedIn Learning and click on ‘Start my free month’ after which you will be prompted to sign in via your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have one, you will have to create it. That’s it and you are good to go!
  • How to earn a certificate of completion? → You can download the certificate after the completion of the course you want to pursue.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → You have to sign up for a 1-month free trial. 
Keep in mind that while registering for LinkedIn Learning, they ask for your Debit/Credit Card information for auto-renewal of the subscription. So, make sure to cancel the trial before it ends. They’ll send you an email 7 days prior to the ending of the trial.

2. Google Analytics Academy
Google Analytics Academy offers free online courses to learn about Google’s measurement tools for data collection and analysis. It also has mini-courses on YouTube for you to learn how to set up your first report, tag, or test; and use Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and more.

How many courses are offered for free? → 6

What are the names of these courses?
1. Google Analytics for Beginners
2. Advanced Google Analytics
3. Google Analytics for Power Users
4. Getting Started with Google Analytics 360
5. Introduction to Data Studio
6. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals 

How to access these courses? → All you have to do is sign in to Google Analytics Academy with your google account, click on the course you want to pursue, click on ‘Register’, and get going!

How to earn a certificate of completion? → You have to score 80% or above in each assessment to earn a certificate of completion.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → It is completely free! There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

3. SCRUMstudy
SCRUMstudy is a global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile Certifications. It is backed by Sequoia Capital, the biggest PE firm in Silicon Valley who has funded Oracle, Cisco, LinkedIn, and others.

How many courses are offered for free? → 7

What are the names of these courses?
1. Six Sigma Yellow Belt
2. Scrum Fundamentals Certified
3. Marketing Strategy Fundamentals
4. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
5. Marketing Research Fundamentals
6. Corporate Sales Fundamentals
7. Negotiation Associate

How to access these courses? → Click on this link to register yourself and then you can access all the 7 courses and its exams for free by logging in on this link. Under the ‘Home’ section, you will find the 7 free courses that you can access only for 6 months, after which the courses will expire.

How to earn a certificate? → The ‘My Exams’ section will give you a list of all the free and paid exams that you can take. The free exams are online and un-proctored. After you pass the exam, you can access your certificate from the ‘My Certificates’ section.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → These 7 courses are free along with their certification exam, although the course materials and videos are only available for 6 months.

4. Oxford Home Study Centre
UK-Based Oxford Home Study Centre, better known as OHSC, is a specialist provider of distance learning professional courses. It offers a variety of courses ranging from Management to Finance and almost everything in between.

How many courses are offered for free? → 46

What are the names of these courses? → Here you will find the list of free courses.

How to access these courses? → Click on the course you want to start, then click on ‘Start your FREE course’. You will be prompted to register yourself, after which you can access all the free courses.

How to earn a certificate of completion? → The certificate of completion will be emailed to you after you complete the course.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → These 46 courses are completely free of charge. If you want to pursue other courses, you will have to pay a certain amount for each course.

5. Open SAP
OpenSAP is SAP’s free knowledge platform which delivers a variety of learning formats. The main format is Massive Open Online Courses, also known as MOOCs. Apart from SAP’s innovative solutions, they also provide courses about digital transformation.

How many free courses are offered with a certificate? → 60

What are the names of these courses? → Click here  to see the 45 Self-paced free courses. The rest of the 15 courses can be found under the Upcoming and Current courses. The Self-paced courses usually do not offer a Record of Achievement, but as per the Digital Learning Initiative, 45 self-paced courses have been unlocked for you to earn a Record of Achievement for free until June 30, 2020.

How to access these courses? → Click here to create an OpenSAP account. After creating an account, you will be able to access these courses.

How to earn a certificate of completion? → Here known as the Record of Achievement, you can earn it by scoring at least 50% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments of a course.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All courses are free of charge. Only 60 courses out of all the courses let you earn a Record of Achievement.

6. Saylor Academy
Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative working since 2008 to offer free and open online courses to all who want to learn. They offer nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels.

How many free courses are offered with a certificate? → Around 100

What are the names of these courses? → Click on this this  to see the free courses.

How to access these courses? → Click here to create a new account on Saylor Academy. After creating an account, you can see a list of courses on this link. Click on any course you want to pursue and get started!

How to earn a certificate of completion? → You have to take a final exam and score 70% or more in it to earn a Course Completion Certificate. If you do not pass the exam on your first try, you can take it again as many times as you want, with a 7-day waiting period between each attempt.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All the courses provided by them are completely free of cost. No extra charges for certification.

7. upGrad
Founded in 2015, upGrad is an online education platform providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry.

How many courses are offered for free? → 19

How to access these courses? → Click here to see the list of free courses offered by upGrad. Click on the ‘Register’ button against the course you want to pursue. You will be prompted to sign up. After you sign up, you are free to access the courses.

How to earn a certificate of completion? → You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish all the modules within a course. This will be issued once the requisite program duration comes to an end.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All the 19 courses are completely free of cost. No extra charges for certification as well.

8. AWS Training and Certifications
Amazon Web Services, better known as AWS, has its Training and Certification wing which helps individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. It offers courses from around 26 domains, in two formats i.e. digital and classroom.

How many courses are offered for free? → 664

What are the names of these courses? → Click on ‘Learning Library’ where you will see all the categories of courses provided by them. The courses under the category ‘Digital Learning’ are free of cost.

How to access these courses? → Sign in to AWS Training and Certification using your Amazon account. Please note that there are a majority of courses that want you to be subscribed to ‘Free Digital Training’. Go ahead and subscribe to it because it is FREE!

How to earn a certificate of completion? → You will receive a certificate of completion after you finish all the modules within a course. After you finish the course, go to ‘Dashboard’, click on the course you just finished. Below the ‘Launch’ button, you will see a small badge icon. Click on it and you can view your certificate of completion. You can download it on your device.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All the 664 courses are completely free of cost, certificate included.

9. Coursera
Coursera is a world-wide online learning platform that partners with top universities and organizations to offer you online courses, degrees, certifications, and specializations.

How many courses are offered for free? → 3900+

What are the names of these courses? → Coursera has come up with ‘Coursera Together’ wherein they provide 100+ free online courses and don’t charge a single penny for certificates. You can see the list of courses  here. Apart from ‘Coursera Together’, there are 3800+ courses you can access for free if you have a school or college email ID. Enroll in these free courses by July 31, 2020, and you can learn for free by September 30, 2020. After you have signed up with your school/college email ID, go to this this  and enter your school/college email ID.

How to access these courses? → Sign up to Coursera and go to the links given above. Choose a course you want to pursue, and get going!

How to earn a certificate of completion? → Complete the course videos, attempt all the quizzes, complete the assignment, take the final assessment, and you get your Certificate!

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All the courses provided by Coursera are free of charge if you audit the ones that require you to pay for a certificate. The 3900+ courses do not charge a dime for the course or the certificate.

10. Alison
Alison is an online learning platform with over thousands of courses that fall under roughly 16 broad categories. Each course takes only a few hours to complete.

How many courses are offered for free? → 24

What are the names of these courses? → Here is a list of the courses that are free and don’t cost a rupee for the certificates.

How to access these courses? → Sign up to Alison and choose a course from the list of free courses (go to the link given above), and start right away!

How to earn a certificate of completion? → Score 80% or higher in each course assessment to earn a digital certificate. For more details, you can see the ‘Certificate’ tab below the course details of each course.

Is it completely free? Or do I have to sign up for a free trial? → All the 24 courses are free of charge. Zero hidden charges!

For those who are in no need of certificates, there are various other sites like Udemy and edX from where you can learn for free.

So, what’s stopping you now!? Get rolling! And oh, Happy learning!

CSIR-IICB Job Opening – MTech Biotech/ MSc Life Science Research Fellow Post

CSIR Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB) is currently looking for MSc Life Sciences and MTech Biotechnology Candidates for a research fellow job. CSIR-IICB Job Opening – MTech Biotech recruitment. Check below-mentioned information for more:

MTech Biotech/ MSc Life Science Research Fellow Post

  • Advertisement No.: R&C/532/2020
  • Vacancy Code: 5322007

Position: Junior Research Fellow (Project)

No. of Vacancies: 1

Name of the Project: A Novel Nanotechnology-based Approach of Glioma Therapy by Targeting HAUSP-MDM2 axis in combination with Temozolomide'(GAP-398)

Qualification Required: M.Tech in Biotechnology / M.Sc in Life Science with at least 55% marks and NET/GATE

Desirable: 1 (one) year of Research Experience.

Age Limit: 28 Years

How to apply

  • The engagement is purely temporary and, therefore, does not confer any right/claim implicit or explicit for regularization or absorption against any IICB / CSIR post. The age and qualifications will be reckoned as on the last date of application.
  • The upper age limit is relaxable for SC / ST / OBC / PH and women candidates as per rules.

All applicants are to fill up the online form, and after submitting the same, the candidates are to take a print out of the resume and mail the scanned copy to the following email id enclosing scanned copy of the following documents/certificates within 07/07/2020.

  • Matriculation Certificate in support of your date of birth,
  • Marksheet/ Certificate of the last educational qualification as mentioned in the essential qualification of the advertisement
  • Caste Certificate (if any),
  • Experience Certificate (if any) where ever mandatory in the advertisement.
  • The interview is to be conducted through electronic mode and all candidates are therefore requested to mentioned their skype id and contact numbers in the application forms at the appropriate columns. They are also requested to make themselves available online on the dates of the interview.

In case the candidates are unable to take the print out of the resume immediately after filling it, they can take print outs from the ‘application status’ after logging in with their respective id and password.
Email id:

Last Date: 07/07/2020

Interview Dates: 13/07/2020 and 14/07/2020 (Through Skype only)

JNTBGRI, TVM; Notification for the selection of Project Staff

Applications are invited for recruitment to the following temporary position in the externally funded project “Phytochemical profiling of the aromatic Cyperaceae members of south India” at Jawaharlal Nehru tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram.

Details are given below: 

PROJECT POSITION:  Senior Research Fellow


DIVISION/DEPARTMENT: Phytochemistry and Phytopharmacology

AGE: 36 yrs (as on 1st January 2020)

M. Sc. Chemistry with first class. Candidates have qualified NET (CSIR/UGC/ICAR/ICMR) or GATE with minimum 2 years of research experience are preferred.

Rs 35,000/- Per month+8% HRA for NET/GATE qualified experienced candidates. (Non-NET/GATE candidates if selected, the fellowship will be paid Rs. 19,000/- +8%HRA)


Age relaxation for SC/ST and OBC candidates as per Govt. of India rules. Interested candidates may send their application with CV, scanned copies of relevant certificates, testimonials etc. on or before 1st July 2020 to . For further details visit

NIAB Hyderabad Project Associate Vacancy

Applications are invited from suitable candidates for filling up the following position at National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB), Hyderabad against DBT funded project entitled “A transcriptional approach to identify biomarkers of susceptibility and/or resistance to tuberculosis in native and crossbred cattle” (PI: Dr. Bappaditya Dey, ScientistE).

Position Code: Project Associate-I (PA-I)

Duration: 1 Year (extendable till the end of the project)


  • Post Graduate degree in professional courses (M. Pharm/M. Tech in Life Sciences/M. V. Sc. etc.) or,
  • Post Graduate Degree in Life Sciences (Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology) with NET qualification or,
  • Non-NET-qualified candidates with a post-graduate degree in Life Sciences can also apply; who will be paid as per DST guidelines.

Desired Experience: Candidate with experience in Molecular biology, Gene Cloning/Microbiology, especially handling of pathogenic bacteria such as M. tuberculosis/ cell culture technique will be given preference.

Age: 28 years (Relaxation is admissible in case of SC/ST/OBC candidates as per Government instructions)

Fellowship amount: Rs. 31000/-PM + 24% HRA (if applicable) as per the DST guidelines.

Applications are to be filled ONLINE. The online link for submission of application is till the last date 04-07-2020 by 5 PM.

How to apply: Candidates must fill the online application form NIAB Website. Candidates are advised to fill the online application form in sufficient time before the last date to avoid last-minute technical issues. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview prior to selection.

TA/DA will not be paid for attending the interview.

No need to send a hard copy. Interim inquiries will not be entertained.

BCIL Life Sciences Job – Project Executive (Management & Consultancy)

Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is looking for a suitable candidate having life sciences background as mentioned below for BCIL Life Sciences Job.

Position level: Project Executive (Consultancy)

Nature of job: Tenurial post on contract for three years (extendable on a yearly basis based on performance).

Location: New Delhi

Number of opening: 1 (one)

Qualification: M. Sc in Life Sciences or its allied areas. MBA or PGDBM or any relevant project management diploma/certificate from a reputed institute/university would be an added advantage

Desirable skills: Candidates should have good writing, presentation and communication skills with sound knowledge of Ms. Office particularly Ms. Excel and Powerpoint.

Experience: Minimum 1-year experience in Project Management Organization/Project Consultancy. Preference would be given to candidates who have conducted technical and financial feasibility studies.

The scale of pay: 11500-800-19500-1000-29500
Gross remuneration would be approximately Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month depending upon relevant qualifications and experience. Gross remuneration would include House Rent Allowance, Medical allowance Conveyance allowance, Mediclaim Insurance, Contributory Provident Fund, and Gratuity.

Age limit: Maximum 35 years at the time of applying

Job description:

  • Preparation of detailed project reports, preparation of business plans, feasibility reports for biotech products/biotech ventures
  • Conceptual designing of the layout of biotech facilities
  • Good knowledge of biotech instrumentation
  • Coordination with stakeholders for necessary information and compiling it into documents/reports

Last date of receipt of application: July 10, 2020

How to apply: Interested candidates fulfilling the desired qualification and experience may apply only through e-mail along with their recent photograph, detailed resume and profile summary strictly in the prescribed format given below to

The application should be addressed to Dr. Shiv Kant Shukla, Dy. General Manager, Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi.

Favipiravir: All You Need to Know About the New Covid-19 Medicine and its Effects on Patients

Favipiravir is an anti-viral drug which is currently being tested in 18 clinical trials for Covid-19 and results from two studies have shown a positive outcome.

Mumbai-based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has received approvals from Drug Controller General of India to manufacture and market Favipiravir, an anti-viral drug, to treat Covid-19 patients. The drug is likely to be available in the market in the next few days.

What is Favipiravir?

Favipiravir is an anti-viral drug and it is approved in Japan for treating influenza. It is currently being tested in 18 clinical trials for Covid-19 and results from two studies have shown a positive outcome, while data from other trials is awaited.

What is the Glenmark drug approved by the Drug Controller General of India?

Based on Phase-3 data, the company obtained approval for manufacture and marketing of antiviral drug Favipiravir, which has been branded as FabiFlu, an oral medication. The approval is for emergency restricted use only for treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 patients. The approval’s restricted use entails responsible medication use where every patient must have signed informed consent before treatment initiation.

What improvement has it shown in Covid-19 patients and what studies has Glenmark cited?

Glenmark claimed that Favipiravir shows clinical improvements of up to 88 per cent in Covid-19, with rapid reduction in viral load by four days. The drug will be available as a prescription-based medication for Rs 103/tablet, with recommended dose being 1800 mg twice daily on day 1, followed by 800 mg twice daily up to day 14.

In India, a randomised multi-centre study was done on Indian patients to test the drug’s efficacy and safety with standard of care vs standard of care alone in mild to moderate Covid-19, the company said. The study enrolled 150 patients. The study’s details are yet to be published in a peer-reviewed paper.

In its press release, the company cited four studies; two from China and one reach from Russia and Japan. One of the studies done on 80 patients in China studied the efficacy of Favipiravir vis-à-vis anti-retroviral drugs Lopinavir and Ritonavir. Favipiravir treatment led to a quicker reduction in viral load compared to the other drugs. In the second Chinese study, 236 patients were enrolled.

Favipiravir showed a better rate of clinical recovery on seventh day compared Umifenovir, another antiviral drug. It also led to a quicker relief from fever and cough. The observational study in Japan comprising 2,141 patients with mild to moderate symptoms showed clinical improvement using Favipiravir.

Is the government conducting trials to test the efficacy of this drug?

Yes. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) had done end-to-end synthesis of Favipiravir in April. Earlier this week, CSIR got approvals from DGCI to conduct multi-centre Phase-II trials of the drug.

ISRO Launches Free Online Course You Can Finish In a Week

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) through its centre the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) is inviting applications for a free online course on Satellite Photogrammetry and its Applications.

What is ‘Satellite Photogrammetry’?
The course aims to focus on concepts and techniques to process and analyse stereo data from space-borne sensors. A few potential users of the technique are administrators, decision-makers, engineers, city-planners, natural resource scientists.

It is scheduled from 29 June – 03 July 2020.

What will you learn?
The course will introduce the participants to:

• Photogrammetric Concepts
• Satellite Photogrammetry
• Basics of GPS
• DEM and its derivatives
• Orthoimage generation

You can get more details about the free online course by clicking here.

Do note: Participants will have access to all the relevant course study materials like lecture slides, video lectures, open-source software and handouts of demonstrations, etc. through an IIRS-shared link. Additionally, all video lectures will also be uploaded on the YouTube channel.

Important dates
The course will commence on 29 June 2020 and will go on until 3 July 2020.

Things to know:

  • There is no fee for this programme.
  • The course is designed for professionals from central or state governments, private organisations, NGOs as well as students and researchers engaged in disaster management related activities.
  • The course participants have to be duly sponsored by their university or institution and application should be forwarded through coordinators from respective organisations or centres.
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded to participants on the basis of

                   -working professionals having a minimum of 70 per cent attendance and timely submission of all assignments and
                  – 70 per cent minimum attendance for students and appearing and clearing the online examination.

  • You can access the lecture schedule here
  • All course details will be uploaded on the official website here.

In case of any query, you can send an email to –

Songs and Videos Making Contest on Anti-Drug Abuse by NCB, Ministry of Home Affairs [Prizes Worth Rs. 50K]

About the Competition
The UN General Assembly passed a resolution in December 1987, proclaiming 26th June of each year as the “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”. In pursuance to this declaration, every year 26th June is observed all over the world to raise public awareness regarding the menace of Drugs by organizing various awareness programmes.

This year on the occasion of “International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India has initiated to organise an Anti-Drugs song and singing/recording music video contest.
The contest invites citizens to compose a song and sing/record the music video (maximum 2min) showing the relevance of the message ‘Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs‘.

The objective of the contest is to encourage the active participation of Youth and Children in implementing and managing the anti-drugs awareness programmes and delivering the messages against ill effects of drugs through various platforms.

Important Guidelines

  • The music video competition is open only for Indian Citizens.
  • The duration of the music video should be a maximum of upto 2 minutes.
  • The Short Film can be made in any of the 22 Official Indian Languages with transcript (in verbatim) in Hindi /English.


  • 1st prize: Rs. 15000/-
  • 2nd prize: Rs. 10000/-
  • 3rd prize: Rs. 5000/-
  • 10 consolation prizes: Rs. 2000/- each

How to participate?

  • Please upload your film on your youtube channel.
  • Login to MyGov submission tab available here.
  • In the comment section, copy-paste your film youtube link here. (do not upload the film on the website)
  • The participants can also post their video of a maximum duration of 2 minutes on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, and share the publicly accessible link. They would be required to use #SayNoToDrug and tag @MyGovIndia

Submission Deadline
The last date of Submission will be 24 June 2020.

JOB POST: Junior and Senior Research Fellow at IIST, Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) is a government-aided institute and deemed university for the study and research of space science, located at Valiamala, NedumangadThiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is the first university in Asia to be solely dedicated to the study and research of Outer space.

IIST invites application for the following Project staff positions to work in the different Research Projects:

Post Details

1. SRF

  • No. of Posts: 01
  • Project Title: Investigation, Design and Implementation of Multifunctional 5G Antenna systems for Cognitive Radio mm-wave applications. (DST-SERB project)
  • Qualification: M.E. or M. Tech. in RF and Microwave Engineering or equivalent areas with two years of experience in Antenna Design/ Simulation and Measurements.
  • Desirable: Candidate should have experience in Array Design. PhD candidates (Thesis submitted) are preferred.
  • Remuneration: Rs.35,000/- + HRA

2. JRF

  • No. of Posts: 01
  • Project Title: Investigation, Design and Implementation of Multifunctional 5G Antenna systems for Cognitive Radio mm-wave applications. (DST-SERB project)
  • Qualification: M.E. or M. Tech. in RF and Microwave Engineering or equivalent areas.
  • Desirable: Experience in Antenna Design
  • Remuneration: Rs.31,000/- + HRA

3. JRF

  • No. of Posts: 01
  • Project Title: Understanding the influence of young massive stars on surrounding Interstellar Medium (DSTSERB project)
  • Qualification: M.Sc in Physics / Astronomy & Astrophysics/ Space Physics / Integrated MS/ M Sc (Physics).
  • Desirable: Candidates should have qualified in UGC-CSIR NET-JRF/ UGC-CSIR NET Lectureship/ JEST/GATE in Physics or have State Government/ DST-INSPIRE fellowship.
  • Remuneration: Rs.31,000/- + HRA

Age Limit
35 years as on 06.07.2020

How to Apply?
Interested applicants can apply for the post through this link.

Application Deadline
July 6, 2020

JOB POST: Junior Research Fellowship/Senior Research Fellowship at IIT Kharagpur [3 Vacancies]

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is a public technical and research university established by the government of India in 1951. It is the first of the IITs to be established and is recognised as an Institute of National Importance.

Applications are invited for the post of Junior Research Fellowship/Senior Research Fellowship at IIT Kharagpur.

No. of Posts

MHRD(DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION, NEW DELHI), Department of Electronics and Information Technology(Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Electronics Niketan, 6, C. G. O. Complex, New Delhi-110 003)

Electrical Engineering

Project Title
Development of Scalable GaN-Based Distributed Dynamic Power Management System for IoT Applications with On-Demand Thermal Management (Project ID : 7188)(GOM)

JRF: M.Tech/M.E. in Power Electronics with 8 CGPA (80%) or above and B.Tech/B.E. in Electrical Engineering with 7.5 CGPA (75%) or above; OR
B.Tech/B.E. in Electrical Engineering or related branch with 8 CGPA (80%) or above with Valid GATE score. @ 31000/- pm

SRF: Same as above with two years research experience @ 35000/- pm

Relevant Experience
Research experience in power electronics and/or power management will get due preference. PCB layout designing skill is desirable

Age Limit
30 year

Consolidated Compensation
Up to Rs.35000 (depending upon qualification & experience)

How to Apply?
Interested applicants can apply for the post through this link.

Application Deadline
June 30, 2020

How to Write a Research Proposal Outline ?

The research proposal provides an outline of the premise of what you are proposing to research. However, it is subject to adaptation as the research proceeds. It serves as a starting point for development and discussion with the assistance of your research or thesis supervisor.

Typically the research proposal will include

  • Aims and objectives
  • Statement of hypothesis or research ‘problem’
  • Literature review of previous research in the area and justification for further research
  • Proposed methodology
  • Expected results and contribution to the body of knowledge
  • Requirements for equipment, materials, field trips, and funding (if applicable)
  • Approximate time by which each stage will be completed

The content and structure of the research proposal are designed to answer the key questions of reviewers:

  • What problem, issue or concern does the research address?
  • How will the research contribute to existing knowledge?
  • How will the research achieve its stated objectives?
  • Is the research do-able within the given time and resource constraints? 
  • Are there any special considerations that affect the feasibility of the research?

Good research proposals address these questions by showing that the research:
addresses a problem, issue, concern or conundrum; provides new knowledge that will contribute to addressing this; adopts a method and methodology appropriate to the research question; can be successfully completed within the given time, resource and other research constraints.

Reviewer concerns are typically addressed in research proposals in the following sections which also accord with the key questions introduced above: introduction, literature review, research design, and additional information.

Introduction─includes statement of the problem and aims, definition of key terminology, and description of the field of literature and practice, as well as a summary of the gap in the literature and of the research design.

Literature review─reviews previous research and ends by highlighting what is significant about your research, or outlines the contribution the research will make to a body of literature.

Methods and methodology─explains how the research design will fulfill the aims of the research or answer the research question and addresses any ethical considerations or non-standard resource implications of the research process.

Additional information─a proposed a timeline for the research, budget, references, bibliography, appendices, and any special features of the research.

In general, research proposals are organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction (sometimes also called ‘background’, ‘context’, ‘project description’)
  • Literature review (or heading that reflects the content of the review, for example: ‘sociological studies of play’)
  • Methodology and methods or ‘research design’ (or heading that reflects the content, for example: ‘Auto-ethnography and palliative care’)
  • Proposed timeline,
  • References (works cited)
  • Bibliography (list of all relevant sources)
  • Appendices.

Several university guidelines suggest that the research proposal contains the following elements;
  • Statement of the research topic and rationale for the research including:
  • Explanation of why the topic is important,
  • Proposed thesis title,
  • Review of relevant research and theory,
  • Explanation of why the literature and artifacts cited are important to the research,
  • Research hypothesis or topic (a clear indication of the focus of the research).
  • Research methodology including
  • Information about the theoretical or conceptual framework that will be employed,
  • Analytical techniques and research design,
  • Timetable or project plan,
  • Ethical considerations,
  • Trial table of contents (1 or 2 pages),
  • Brief bibliography.

Words Limits in Research Proposal 
Word limits are designed to discipline the researcher to write with focus and clarity. Many research proposal guidelines allocate word limits to the sections of the proposal, with the majority going in the literature review and methodology sections. You might break down the word limit into the following sections: introduction─500; literature review─1000; methods─1000; other elements of the proposal─500. As you can see, this makes each section quite small requiring that you prioritize the information, and present it in a clear and concise manner as possible.

CV Vs Resume

Difference between CV and Resume

A CV (Curriculum Vitae, which means a course of life in Latin) is an in-depth document that can be laid out over two or more pages and it contains a high level of detail about your achievements, a great deal more than just a career biography. The CV covers your education as well as any other accomplishments like publications, awards, honors, etc.

2. Resume
A Resume, or Résumé, is a concise document typically not longer than one page as the meant the reader will not stay on your record for extremely long. The aim of a resume is to make a man or woman stand proud of the competition.

Tips and Guidelines While Making CV/Resume

I hope you’re good. Below are a few factors the use of which you can further enhance your CV:

  • Always email your CV in a PDF model. The MS Word version will look unprofessional and sometimes might be possible that other person have different version of Microsoft word.
  • Always rename the CV with your name such as, “Resume_Name”.
  • Your CV need to not be a couple of pages long.
  • No need to give your whole house details. Just mention Country Name, Address, E-mail and phone numbers, and must have to be in a single line only.
  • Work Experience and Professional Experience should be merged.
  • No Need to explain in detail about your work experience. Just point out the name of the organization, your designation there, the time frame you worked there and what you did/achieved even as on that role.
  • All dates to be aligned
  • All textual content to be Left-aligned
  • Either all month names be written in full or simply first 3 letters.
  • Relevant coursework to be 2 lines maximum.
  • Work experience should come after education
  • Write 2-three bullet points for every internship
  • Address, phone, electronic mail to be in online
  • Add LinkedIn profile link beneath the address
  • Do not put longer personal info like ID Card Number, father & mother name etc.

Study Abroad Without IELTS & TOEFL in European Countries

First, we will describe what is English Proficiency Certificate? This letter you can get from your university 'Free of cost' or they will charge you very few amounts hardly 3-4 USD. Now you will be surprised by thinking that why many universities asked about this letter at the time of admission.

So this letter proves that you have good English Speaking skills because you have done your previous degree in English and you are enough able to write, listen and speak English.So this letter is used instead of TOEFL & IELTS in many Universities.

List of that Countries where IELTS & TOEFL is not required

There are some universities in these countries where you don’t need IELTS/ TOEFL Exam.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Norway
  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • HongKong
  • Japan
  • Malaysia

Study Without IELTS in Australia

  • The University of South Australia
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • The University of Queensland (If you have previous degree is in English)
  • The University of Adelaide (Accept Proficiency Certificate only before starting the classes)
  • The University of New South Wales
  • Macquarie University (Accept Proficiency Certificate only before starting the classes)
  • Bond University (This university offer many alternative test instead of IELTS & TOEFL Exam)
  • Swinburne University of Technology

Study Without IELTS In Canada

Canada is considered best place for study among the international students. There are few universities who don't required IELTS & TOEFL Exam:

  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Regina
  • Memorial University
  • Concordia University
  • Brock University
  • Carleton University

Study Without IELTS in United Kingdom

  • London Southbank University
  • University of Bristol
  • The University of Bolton
  • Robert Gordon University

Study without IELTS in France 

  • American Business School, Paris
  • EBS Paris
  • EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  • ESAIP School of Engineers
  • ESC Rennes School of Business, France
  • ESGCI, Paris
  • ESLSCA Business School
  • IESA International
  • INSEEC Business School
  • ISC Paris
  • NEOMA Business School
  • Paris School of Business
  • SKEMA Business School
  • Toulouse Business School

Study in Norway Without IELTS

Only one university: University of Oslo don’t required IELTS From South African students. But Oslo University may be asked from other national students for IELTS.

Study in USA Without IELTS

There are some universities un USA who dont do care about English Proficiency but you have to fulfill their others Criteria

  • University of Colorado
  • California State University
  • Drexel University
  • State University of New York
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Delaware
  • University of New Orleans

Study in Germany Without IELTS

Germany is Tuition Fee Free University Place in World. Students don't need to pay for any Fees either they are German resident or international students .

German University don't ask for IELTS. You can take admission on behalf of English Proficiency Certificate.

Study in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan & Malaysia Country Without IELTS

These countries provide more Fully Funded scholarship for international students as compare to other countries in world. More than 85% Universities in CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA, TAIWAN & MALAYSIA never put such IELTS & TOEFL Exam requirement in their admission criteria.

WHO Online Courses 2020 Get Verified Certificate

It is needed for the current situation in the world so WHO Online Courses 2020 is being introduced for the Applicants from All Around the world without any Age, gender, Qualification Discrimination.
World Health organization Online Courses is a online certification. There is No Registration Fee. Even you will get online certifications by WHO. OpenWHO courses are self-paced courses it means you can study the material according to your own timing choice.

WHO courses online are offered in multiple languages for people in the world so they can easily study in their own language. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

Main Objectives of WHO Online Courses for Public

Be able to educate yourself and others about the importance of ope rationalizing the SPRP for the COVID-19 outbreak using the Operational Planning Guidelines
Be able to access the full set of actions, performance indicators and resources needed to conduct the preparedness level assessment using the COVID-19 Partners Platform for country preparedness and response plans

WHO Free Online Courses with Certificates Details

  • Organization: World Health Organization
  • Who Can Apply: Anyone can apply

What are the WHO Health Courses for COV-19

OpenWHO is WHO’s new interactive, web-based, knowledge-transfer platform offering online courses to improve the response to health emergencies. OpenWHO enables the Organization and its key partners to transfer life-saving knowledge to large numbers of frontline responders.

Benefits of World Health Organization online courses

  • Free to Everyone from around the world.
  • All Countries can apply.
  • Available in many languages
  • No Academic Restrictions
How to Enroll in WHO Online Courses for Coronavirus Pandemic?

Create an account on OpenWHO and when you log in, you can choose the course you want to take from the list of available courses on OpenWHO. To enroll in the course, click on the button which reads “Enroll me for this course.” Once enrolled, you can start the course immediately.