CV Vs Resume

Difference between CV and Resume

A CV (Curriculum Vitae, which means a course of life in Latin) is an in-depth document that can be laid out over two or more pages and it contains a high level of detail about your achievements, a great deal more than just a career biography. The CV covers your education as well as any other accomplishments like publications, awards, honors, etc.

2. Resume
A Resume, or Résumé, is a concise document typically not longer than one page as the meant the reader will not stay on your record for extremely long. The aim of a resume is to make a man or woman stand proud of the competition.

Tips and Guidelines While Making CV/Resume

I hope you’re good. Below are a few factors the use of which you can further enhance your CV:

  • Always email your CV in a PDF model. The MS Word version will look unprofessional and sometimes might be possible that other person have different version of Microsoft word.
  • Always rename the CV with your name such as, “Resume_Name”.
  • Your CV need to not be a couple of pages long.
  • No need to give your whole house details. Just mention Country Name, Address, E-mail and phone numbers, and must have to be in a single line only.
  • Work Experience and Professional Experience should be merged.
  • No Need to explain in detail about your work experience. Just point out the name of the organization, your designation there, the time frame you worked there and what you did/achieved even as on that role.
  • All dates to be aligned
  • All textual content to be Left-aligned
  • Either all month names be written in full or simply first 3 letters.
  • Relevant coursework to be 2 lines maximum.
  • Work experience should come after education
  • Write 2-three bullet points for every internship
  • Address, phone, electronic mail to be in online
  • Add LinkedIn profile link beneath the address
  • Do not put longer personal info like ID Card Number, father & mother name etc.

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