What Do You Do When No One is Watching?

We’ve All Been There

It’s easy, so easy, to take a look around and see that no one is watching you. So maybe you smoke a cigarette or watch that episode on Netflix instead of responding to that email.
When we’re out of the eyes of society it feels as though nothing counts. Similar to that old saying, if a tree falls in the forest and no one was there, did it make a noise? Did it really happen?
The answer is yes. Life doesn’t just happen when you’re around other people. Life keeps going even after you post that Instagram story. Life is happening even while you read this, whether you’re alone or not.

It’s the choices you make while you’re alone that will define who you become. The choices you made a year ago is the reason for where you are in life today. You should be your reason to start the habits you need in order to change your life.

More importantly, you need to do new habits when no one is watching. Blow others away with the magnificence you cultivated out of sight. See what you’re capable of. Fail, then fail again. Learn and try, keep trying. If no one is watching then who cares. Be everything you want to be.

It’s Time

It’s time for you to begin. Begin where you’re at, and grow from here.
Do it when no one is watching. There’s no pressure, but don’t let that allow you to flake or be lazy or do the thing you know you need to quit. What you do when you are alone, defines who you are. Who do you want to be?

Does it make you feel proud to cheat when no one is looking? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s exhilarating to cheat a little. To take care of a guilty pleasure. But don’t let those moments become a habit. You’re better than that.
I don’t even know you and I can tell you that you are wonderful, imperfect, and human. But I also know there’s more to you. I know that there is something deep, potentially buried inside you, that can change the world.

There is such immense beauty in being human. Our flaws and our failure define us, so does how we respond to them. Our failures fall and crumble which creates a foundation to build on. A foundation in knowing that you’ve survived the worst, and a choice about where to go from there.
Celebrate every time you choose progress over procrastination. Smile big and say out loud, “I did it.” Be proud of yourself for choosing yourself. Especially when no one is watching. Then, you can take solace in knowing that the life you’re living is one you chose. Actively and consistently. Not because you wanted more followers or likes. Not because you wanted someone to like you or validate you. But because you wanted it. You worked for it. You did it when no one was watching. You tried, failed, and succeeded in your own time, on your own schedule. Because you did it when no one is watching.

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