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How to Make the Right Start to Your new Product Manager Job?

A product manager acts as a Swiss army knife, taking different roles at different occasions. He basically works at the intersection of user experience, technology and business and therefore knows about all.  If you are joining a new organization in the capacity of product manager, here are some tips to make the right kind of impression in not more than a month from joining.
In the technological universe, the most celebrated professionals are often the engineers and designers.  After all it is owing to their coding skills and designing ability that we are able to use products like Gmail, Whatsap, Twitter and others. But hidden from all the glamour and glare are individuals who guide the teams of engineers and designers to take the idea from start to finish, and these individuals are known as product managers. 
Often known as mini-CEOs, these product managers are the unsung heroes of the industry, who oversee the entire product lifecycle, coordinating and collaborating with various team…