Will Online HR Systems Replace Human HR Professionals?

We are always talking about the importance of being tech savvy and increasing its use to benefit our businesses, but does that also mean that technology will make many jobs obsolete, particularly in the Human Resource side of things?

Businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of payroll software and the likelihood of replacing and reducing the number of Human Resource professionals that conduct a lot of Human Resource functions. Due to this, in more progressive organizations, human resource managers shift their efforts and time to higher value activities, such as succession planning, work force analytics, and leadership development. Professionals who resist using automated processes are usually put under pressure to either adapt or risk being made redundant.

However, the truth is that this massive shift is not something that is being witnessed in the Human Resource department alone; it is also in other areas of a business as well. Professionals face the “automation challenge” at least once in their careers. However, the good news is that you can future proof yourself from being dominated by automation to a great extent.

Be Welcoming and Open to Working with New Technologies

You must be the person who is willing to learn how to use new systems or tools in order to become a valuable resource. You might even be able to recommend someone who is better able to come up with ways in which Human Resource professionals can work with technology instead of being completely replaced by it.  

There is so much that Automated Systems are Not Good At

Emotional connection, negotiation skills, and understanding certain things or special cases are some of the things that will forever remain for the strength of us humans. In the recruiting context, not only are these extremely important, they are also based on the talent of the Human Resource professional. When you are sitting across a candidate, you can sell an opportunity and pitch the company you are working for as a much better career choice than all the other companies out there. This is definitely something a robot or automation software won’t be able to do.

Creativity Cannot be Coded

As far as human resource management is concerned, bringing fresh concepts, game changing ideas, and designs to the table is still something that only people can do, not programs. People who are worried about being replaced by the likes of SkyNet should relax, go to the movies, attend concerts, visit museums, and do whatever they are truly interested in. This way, your creative juices will keep flowing and you will be able to think of solutions faster, even when it seems impossible for a way out of a situation. Automation makes processes less expensive and more efficient. Automated programs may be advertised as the “Next Big Thing” out there, but they cannot really provide businesses with unique solutions when they really need them.