Build reputation before career change

Q: I feel utmost boredom in my daily work in a government office. Recently I read few books and done some homework but still scared to switch careers. My ambition is to become a freelance journalist. How to move forward?

A: First of all, it is important to know why do you want to become a freelance journalist. Is just your interest or to avoid boredom in your current job or both. I guess both.

If writing is your principal interest, start writing now. While you are at your present job, pursue freelance-writing opportunities where you can begin to build a name for yourself. Make sure that you don’t use your work time to do your research or write. Use mornings, evenings and weekends to build your portfolio. That’s what most people do when they want to transition from one field to the next.

Be mindful about stepping out on your own without establishing yourself first. You have responsibilities that include being smart about your next steps.

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