Achieving a career using newspapers

With the continued use of newspapers among school going children, career guidance and development will be an interesting idea and an individual chosen idea rather than anybody choosing or forcing them to do something not out of their interest.

This was revealed by teachers during NiE teachers training organised by World Vision in Gulu (Nigeria) last week. Teachers revealed that through reading newspapers learners will be exposed to an outside world full of career choices rather than restrictions. Many who read newspapers are well versed with their world. More..

Reading Newspaper is Good for Civil Services Aspirants

Reading a national newspaper is important for the aspirants of civil services examinations, according to B. Ramasamy, social scientist and Director, RIAS Civil Services Academy, New Delhi. "For IAS aspirants, national newspaper is like a text book. If they undertake the reading in a dedicated manner, I think they have a bright chance," Mr. Ramasamy said. More..

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