FAQ regarding sending resume as attachment - Common Resume Mistakes' Series - Part 4

Should i send my resume as an attachment or should i send it with it in the body of the email?
Normally as attachment. But if the job posting states something like "To apply for this position, please send resume as reply with salary requirements", then put your resume in the body of the letter AND attach it. That way, they can easily see your resume and if they want a printable version, there’s always the attachment.

Sending resume and cover letter via email?
Generally, recruiters prefer to read the cover letter in the body of the email and this saves their time. The resume should be sent as an attachment. Again these shall be according to the requirement of the employer.

What about Subject of the Email?
It's a good practice to put the immediate objective in the Subject line of the email. A subject line like "Resume" doesn't tell anything to the recruiter and it might not ever be read. But a good subject line, entices the recruiter to read on.

How to email a resume without attachment?
Write your cover letter first. If you have a cover letter already written, you may cut and paste it into the email body. But remember to customize the email according to the vacancy you are applying for. Now, you are about adding your resume below the cover letter. Remember to prepare the in simple format. No part of the resume should be centered and formatted (all in simple text format). Copy and Paste your resume about three spaces under your cover letter. Re-check your cover letter and resume. You may send the resume to your email id (same as sending or another id if you have more than one email). Check again. Send email to the company you are applying for.

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