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The environment is one of the hottest issues around right now and, as awareness of climate change grows and people become more concerned about their own impact on the world around us, there is a growing range of charity jobs within the environment sector. This makes it an exciting, dynamic area of employment to get involved in. What’s more, it’s really diverse, so no matter your previous experience and qualifications, you’re sure to find various jobs in Leeds within the environment sector or in the rest of the UK.

So, what are some of the typical environment jobs you can expect to find in the UK?

One of the main types of job falls under the heading of ‘environmental consulting’. This tends to include getting involved with projects and assessing the environmental impact of what’s going on. For example, many local councils and building companies are hiring environmental consultants to assess the impact of new housing developments or other building projects. This also links to the idea of sustainability, where you can find jobs in determining how to make projects more sustainable. Jobs like this could be really good for people who are good at creative thinking and are adept at coming up with innovative solutions for issues that are likely to be different for every job you work on.

There are also quite a lot of environment jobs in the area of conservation. You are no doubt aware that certain species of plant and animal are under threat due to climate change, the presence of predators and other factors. Since a diverse range of species is good for the earth’s ecosystems, it’s important that these plants and animals are given a chance to thrive. This is something that could be great to get involved in if you have an especial love for an endangered species and know a bit about their habitats. You can also get involved in marine conservation as well as projects on land.

With so many different environment jobs available, there is bound to be something to suit every level of skill, qualification and experience, making it a great area to look for your next career move.

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