Career objective analyzed - Common Resume Mistakes' Series - Part 2

During the free resume evaluation we found that most of the resumes begin with a career objective section which is written in the most monotonous way. Nobody will show interest to read the rest of the resume in such cases.

Some of them are given below:
Seeking a challenging position where I can implement my skills in effective manner, meet challenges and gain further skills.

Seeking for a challenging career in a technical field where my abilities can be shown to be of great use and where I can apply my knowledge and hone my skills.

Intend to build a career in research work with a leading clinical IT corporate, which will help me for utilizing acquired skills and qualifications and work towards the fulfillment of organizational goals.

Instead, read the Career Objective given below taken from a resume submitted to us:
I have been a researcher in marine ecology for ten years and worked on coral reefs biodiversity for the Marine Coral Reefs project for the past five years. Now is the time that I put all my energy and knowledge of ecology and my project management skills at the service of a meaningful mission, where I’ll witness my work and results make a tangible difference in nature conservation.
  • Career objective is not essential in all the cases
  • A Career Objective is not required when apply against a particular vacancy
  • When you submit resume to a Professor seeking whether he has vacancies coming up in future, a Career Objective will be useful
  • Instead of a conventional Career Objective which is monotonous, write something like in the example given above which summarizes your past experience, expertise and your abilities.

More articles in this series are coming up. Enjoy reading!

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