Career in genetics

Genetics is the study of genes and their effects. Genetic Engineering is manipulation of genes to obtain the targeted results and is closely related to biotechnology and microbiology.

Geneticists are immersed in exciting science, technology, and medical advancements every day. The opportunities are numerous to contribute to the advancement of science, the care of patients, and the teaching of the next generation of genetics professionals. One must be ready to make a commitment in time, energy, and focus to be a successful geneticist, but the rewards are enormous.

The large, multidisciplinary Human Genome Project (HGP)—the effort to find all human genes and characterize a reference genome—promises to revolutionize the future so profoundly that the 21st has been dubbed the "biology century." Almost everyone will be affected by applications of informa-tion and technologies derived from the HGP era of the late 20th century. Educators, the media, students, and the public need a good understanding of this "new genetics" and its implications so they can better communicate, teach, and help others make related career and personal decisions.

The technology related to genetics finds its application in health care, food processing, brewing, horticulture, beauty care, agriculture and animal science. They can also find employment in research and development institutes, educational institutions and government departments.

Career Paths in Human Genetics

The field of genetics is rapidly growing in influence and importance. There is a wide variety of careers that involve the use of genetics, ranging from traditional careers in academic research to non-traditional careers in law, journalism and many more.

Traditional Human Genetics Careers

There are many ways of using an education in genetics. Jobs include Research Geneticist, Laboratory Geneticist,  Genetic Counselor, Clinical Geneticist, etc.

Non-Traditional Human Genetics Careers

Job types are Writing Related Careers, Policy Related Careers, Law Related Careers, Education Related Careers, Careers Related to the Business of Science, Careers Related to Drug Approval, Government Science Careers, Research Service Careers.

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