Send Resume as Attachment - Common Resume Mistakes' Series - Part 3

While applying against an open position, you may attach your resume only if the employer insists the same. Many employers would ask to submit the application through their website. In such cases you do not need to send the resume separately. By filling out the various sections of the application, you are in turn submitting your resume and other details as required by the employer.

But when submit the resume as email attachment, there are few things to note.
  • The resume file may be saved as Microsoft Word .doc (XP or 2003 Word will save as .doc and 2007 will save as .docx by default) or .pdf format. Avoid other kinds of file types.
  • The file size may be up to 150 to 200 Kb in size.
  • Do not add images to the resume file. Usage of passport size photo may not give additional use but will increase file size!
How to Send a Resume as Word Attachment?
After Sign in to your email account, click on the "Compose" box. The e-mail box opens up. Click on "Attach Files" tab located just above the email box. A new window with a number of blank files with "Browse" tabs opens up. Click "Browse" next to the empty File1. The directories window where all your folders and files are located on your computer opens up. Locate your resume saved as a Microsoft Word document from the relevant folder and double click on it. The resume shows up in the empty File 1 field. Click the "Attach File" tab and wait as the file gets attached to your email message. The Word attachment can be seen above the email box. After you have typed your covering letter in the email box, click the "Send" tab to email your resume.

More articles in this series are coming up. Enjoy reading!

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