Few important resume tips

  • As a title of the resume, no need to write 'Resume or Curriculum Vitae', just put your name in Bold, Font size Arial/Times New Roman 14 or 16.
  • Then give a single line space, and put your contact details or affiliation. 
  • There is no need to use your photograph.
  • Personal details section (usually not included, but if you wish to add, place at the end of the resume) may contain only DOB, Sex and Nationality.
  • It is not mandatory to start the resume with objective. Usage of ‘objective’ seems obsolete already. But you can put a Career Profile section where you briefly mention your past and present career or important accomplishments. If you are a fresher, just mention what do you wish to achieve.
  • It is good to start resume with your present status, if you are working somewhere or studying for some other degree. Otherwise, begin resume with your academic credentials.
  • Academic information may be given in tabular form (without table borders) and give % or CGPA, year of passing, University, etc.
  • Technical or application expertise may be given as a list, but provide necessary proof that you are really expert in the techniques you mentioned. For e.g., HPLC – mention like “well versed with HPLC technique during my M.Sc. project where I have analyzed analysis plant active principles”.
  • Projects undertaken may be given in detail along with project duration, where the same has been carried out, major findings, etc
  • Give adequate page margins (Eg. 2.5 cm or 1 inch) and use Letter or A4 paper size
  • Give adequate space between sections (Eg. 1 line space)
  • Adjust resumes to 2-3 pages
More tips in the next article. 

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