How to add details of Publications and Seminars to your resume?

  • Don’t add descriptions to your list of publications. 
  • No need to provide abstract or summary of each of the papers.
  • List of publications - No need to give all papers as the list may be too long. Give as "papers during the last 5 years" or list of "five important publications" or something like that to reduce number of pages in the resume. 
  • Same rule applies to conference publications.
  • Highlight (make text bold) for list of awards or fellowships receiving or received 
  • Same kind of text formatting for important training courses attended or given. 
  • Seminar / Conference / Courses attended – Just give number of such events attended and/or provide list for last 2-3 years or important events attended
  • Adding a declaration at the end of the resume may not be required when you send the resume by email or unless stated by the employer.
  • End the resume with 1-2 references or simply put ‘References will be provided upon request’.
How to Run Seminars & Workshops: Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers and Teachers

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