One mom's gutsy career change, and what her daughter thinks

From the Star

Carol McLennan says

"I think the hardest adjustment to make was being able to say "actor" when asked what work I did. I had to take a deep breath and test it mentally before I was willing to say it out loud. I was no longer a human resources consultant, which I had been for decades.

I’m now 60 and had done some amateur acting through my 30s and 40s, mostly short-term commitments, play readings and the like. I always came away with a wonderful feeling, having slipped into the skin of another person and conveyed that to an audience. Then I’d go back to my regular work (and regular paycheque) and raising my family."

Carol's daughter, Kate Allen says

"Five years ago, when I was still an undergraduate student, my mom decided to toss away the consulting career she’d worked toward her entire adult life and become an actress... These days, I’m proud of her for new reasons. Just as I’ve begun to wheel myself across the tarmac of the career world, my mom ejects herself from the cockpit mid-flight. Ballsy."

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