UAE issues 'stapled visa' to PoK residents including its PM

The United Arab Emirates has begun issuing "stapled visas" to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir residents, including its "Prime Minister" Sardar Attique Ahmed, a media report said today.

The practice of issuing "stapled visas" is new and previously visas were stamped as usual on the passports, the Pakistan Observer newspaper reported today.

PoK "Prime Minister" Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, who holds a Pakistani diplomatic passport, was issued a stapled visit visa by the UAE Embassy in Islamabad on Tuesday, the report said.

China had sparked a diplomatic row with India last year by issuing stapled visas to residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

What is meant by stapled visa?

When the visas for a visiting country are issued on a separate paper rather than on the passport it is called stapled visa. Often, the immigration officers won't stamp your passport if you are carrying a stapled visa.

Photo credit: Free Digital Photos

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