Two Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Engaged

Keeping employees engaged is very vital not only in the industry but elswhere for any employer. As the recession cut into salaries and increased workloads, especially at small companies, it’s become increasingly challenging to keep employees engaged.

According to recently released Employee Engagement Report 2011 from leadership development firm BlessingWhite, 31 percent of employees are engaged, while 17 percent are disengaged. Not surprisingly, employees who were older, had been with the company longer and had more senior roles were more likely to be engaged. Also not surprisingly, more employees are seeking opportunities outside their current company than they were in 2008.

Here are two suggestions for keeping employees engaged:

Coaching, relationships and dialogue
Trust, communication and culture   
But there’s also some surprising news about why employees leave and stay. Here are the top reasons employees stay with a company:

    My career. I have significant development or advancement opportunities here. 17 percent
    My organization’s mission. I believe in what we do. 11 percent
    No desire for change. I am comfortable here. 10 percent
    My job conditions. I have flexible hours, a good commute, etc. 10 percent

And here are their top reasons for leaving:

    My career. I don’t have opportunities to grow or advance here. 26 percent
    My work. I don’t like what I do or it doesn’t make the most of my talents. 15 percent
    My finances. I want to earn more money. 15 percent

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