Preparing for an interview

Your interview could include a technical discussion of the projects you've worked on, your future career plans or other brainteasers queries. The types of questions you'll be asked will vary depending on the position you're looking for, but all are meant to investigate your capabilities and potential to grow. Employers look for original, creative thinkers, people with a passion for what they do and the energy to make those around them better. Points to remember...

Come well rested. You will typically meet with three to six different people over the course of your interview. You want to be mentally prepared.

Dress comfortably. Wear whatever makes you comfortable in an interview.

Relax and be yourself. Natural enthusiasm and positive attitude will take you a long way to making a positive impression.

Be honest.

Be prepared for abstract questions. You will probably be asked one or two. There may be no right or wrong answer: they are usually asked to see how well you think on the spot.

Remember, an interview is an opportunity for you to get to know the employer, as well as for employer to get to know you. Relax. Ask questions. Listen. Learn. This may be the beginning of an incredible journey.

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