Foreign students to study in Harvard are never denied student visa

To be eligible to receive a student visa of America, the foreign students has to procure admission in a recognised university of US and that university has to issue him a Computer-Generated Student Exchange Visitor Information Service Mode form I-20. The student whilst applying for the F-1 visa, has to personally attend the consulate and satisfy the consular officer that he is a bonafide student and desires to travel to US only to study there with no intention of permanently residing there.

He/She is also obliged to display his financial capability and strong family and financial ties in his country. Although consular officers are advised by the US government not to equate a student visa applicant with a business or visitors’ visa applicant and not to consider what universities the student is to attend since that is the prerogative of the student.

However, consular officers, being human beings, naturally consider those bonafide students who have procured admission in high ranking universities. A foreign students travelling to US to study in Harvard, is never denied a student visa.

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