What is the difference between a CV, a Resume and a Bio-data?

Recently I came across a question in a career forum - "Could you please tell the difference between resume, CV, Bio-data etc.?"

Someone suggested an answer for this question as "CV is normally for the education industry.... it means Curriculum Vitae .... and Bio-data is universal it can be used for everything including applying for Jobs... and Resume is always used when you send your work profile/experience for middle and top management positions...."

Another person said, "Resume - very well defined, most commonly used. Strictly One Page, include Experience, Education, Skills and contacts - specifically customized to target the job profile in question..... CV - is more detailed, 2-3 pages or more. CV generally meant for people who wants to hire you...... Bio Data - is very old fashioned word, i think mostly used as a key word in India for government jobs. This is, I think, Resume + Biography, specifically requiring legal things like - date of birth, nationality, residence, very clearly."

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