More than One Job- advantages

Are you doing more than one job? Or are you thinking to search for a second job?

People consider dual roles or additional responsibilities for a variety of reasons. They might need to make more money or as source extra income. Perhaps they look for more fulfillment in their lives.

Managing two careers or roles doesn't have to mean working a day shift and a night shift. A person working in an office may have his own business or may be working from home (eg. tution for school students).
Being in multiple roles, can be challenging. But once you are involved in those two roles and you really want to keep the dual roles with you, then there may not be much problem.

Be careful not to slip into this, and be totally transparent, particularly if it’s part of your job to work from home.

In his book "The Elephant and the Flea," Charles Handy, a former oil company executive who recast himself as a freelance writer/thinker, desires success both ways.

For Handy, managing several different roles is about seamlessly blending work and life together. A weekly schedule might be made up of a mix of activities, similar to someone's investment portfolio. Some activities would be for money, some for personal interest, and still others would be to give back to the community.

Doing two jobs can open up plenty of opportunities. And there are several ways to take advantage of them.
First, you might find that one of your roles will improve the other, either through skills learned, through networking, or just through a break from the routine. Managing multiple responsibilities like this can actually help you do both jobs better. So, keep your eyes open for this possibility.

Another advantage is that your clients in one role could easily become your clients in your other role. You might work in IT for a large company, and then get hired to do a related job in the other organization.

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