Rules to be kept in mind while searching for a job

The immediate goal of job seeking is usually to obtain a job interview with an employer which may lead to getting hired. The job hunter or seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or employment opportunities. Common methods of job hunting are:
  • using a job search engine
  • looking through the classifieds in newspapers
  • using a private or public employment agency or recruiter
  • finding a job through a friend or an extended business network or personal network
  • looking on a company's web site for open jobs, typically in its applicant tracking system
Some points to remember which will help you in the job hunting process are:
  1. Believing you are good enough
  2. Asking everyone you know for help while job hunting
  3. Highlighting your experience, skills and knowledge
  4. Saying, "I can learn that" or "I will learn that" instead of "I have never done that"
  5. Calling to check on them instead of waiting for them to call you
  6. Try not to be everything in an interview
  7. Negotiate salary, benefits and working conditions
  8. If not selected, following up to find out why you were not hired
Good luck!

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