Careers in Botany

Dr. David Spooner of University of Wisconsin says that he wanted to be a botanist right from his childhood. Do you? [Read full story]. He was not alone. Dr. Mudassir Asrar Zaidi from University of Blaochistan tells that she had a passion for studying plants and its flowers since she aged 5 years [More]. This is not the case always. Dr. Jenny Xiang working at the North Carolina State University reveals that she dreamed from her childhood for becoming an astronaut, but ended up as a botanist with a passion. She is happy that her biology department opened a whole new world for her [Read it]. Dr. Jack Horner from Iowa State University has glorious reflections of a happy botanist [Story].

Dr. Marshall Sundberg of Emporia State University asking Why study botany? [Here is the answer!] Dr. Scott Mori of New York Botanical Garden explains how he became a tropical botanist [Know more]. Dr. Joseph Armstrong from Illinois State University remember that he became a botanist under the influence of three botanists at SUNY Oswego (Jim Seago, Lee Marsh, and Hank Spang) [More].

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