If in Need of a Career: Green and Bear It

In a recent meeting, students at UB discussed on careers in sustainable energies. The panel was filled with four Western New Yorkers who have devoted their lives and money to sustainable energy industries. Dave Bauer, Martin Casstevens, Thomas Fleckenstein and Paul D. Vargovich Sr. were all invited to discuss the strides they have made in their respective green industries.

 "[The panel] offered a lot of great, real-world advice on starting industries in the green business as well as people to contact," said Ryan Green, a senior electrical engineering and chemical engineering major. "I really hope they have more of these."

 Bauer, a sustainability consultant and former high school environmental sciences teacher, spoke of starting his own consulting firm after retiring from teaching. Sustainable Earth Solutions works to advise companies, such as Perry's Ice Cream, how to take more green innovations into their business plans.

 Fleckenstein and Vargovich both spoke of starting their own companies, Niagara Wind & Solar and National Solar Technologies, respectively. Fleckenstein concentrates on agricultural wind energy, while Vargovich looks into industrial solar energy.

 "I'm really interested in alternative fuels such as biodiesel, solar and wind," said Sarah Lavin, a senior biology and geology double major. "I feel I got a lot of great resources like websites and names so I can look into my career."

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