The Eleven Skills of Leadership

Who do you consider to be a good leader? Maybe it's a politician, a famous businessperson, or a religious figure. Or maybe it's someone you know personally – like your boss, a teacher, or a friend.

You can find people in leadership roles almost everywhere you look. However, simply having the responsibilities of a leader doesn't necessarily make a person an effective leader. This is a shame because, with a little study, humility and hard work, all of us can learn how to lead effectively.

So, how can you bring your leadership skills to tip-top condition? Here are 11 skills of leadership.
  1. Getting and Giving Information
  2. Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics
  3. Knowing and Understanding Group Resources
  4. Controlling the Group
  5. Counseling
  6. Setting the Example
  7. Representing the Group
  8. Planning
  9. Evaluation
  10. Sharing Leadership
  11. Manager of Learning
You can start by analyzing your performance in specific areas of leadership. Complete the quiz to help you identify where you already lead effectively, and where your skills need further development. In the analysis sections underneath, we'll direct you to the resources you need for exceptional leadership.
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