School kids are now seeking career guidance from Tarot card readers

Post-board exams results, every kid goes through the dilema of making a career choice. While career counsellors used to be of help till some time ago, now it’s the tarot readers that the kids are turning to for career advice.

When planning or even thinking about a career change, it's important to use all the resources available to you for advice. One of the best resources that many people overlooked till recently is a spiritual one: tarot reading.

Celebrity tarot card expert Munisha Khatwani agrees that the number of students and parents who rely on tarot readings to decide a career is going up every year. “In the last two years the number of people coming for tarot reading for career advice has upped by almost 100 per cent.

People come to me with all kinds of queries like ‘Will my child clear the exams? Or how much percentage will he/she secure? What career should they take up? Which college to enroll for?’ And so on. I do the readings after knowing the child’s interest and let the parents know what is good for them.

I have parents of three-year-olds coming to me to ask which school they should send their child to. Also, I’ve had 30-year-olds who want to know which country and university they should apply to. I guess people believe in tarot even more now because of the precise outcome of the readings,” says Munisha.

Tarot expert Punam Thakur, who herself is a teacher feels it’s the rising pressure and volatile job markets that makes parents worry so much about choosing the apt career path. She says, “Parents want to know if kids can achieve their target results. They also ask about how much will their kids score, will they need to pay donation or will the admission be on plain merit. Educated parents want to know if their kids will be as successful as them.” She adds, “But I put kids’ interests before anything else. Some parents do readings to find out about their kids progress when the pupil is studying abroad. It’s a way of keeping a tab on the kid. As a reader I am happy to see that people are taking Tarot seriously and are being benefitted by the readings.”

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