Choose your career

Know yourself and the market well
What kind of job I am looking for? To answer this questions, job seekers should first of all know more about themselves and the current labour market situation. By doing this, they can avoid wasting their precious time and missing the chance of employment.

Know yourself

Know yourself is the first step towards success in job hunting. Job seekers should clearly understand their own characteristics and job preference, and to choose their job accordingly.

You can know yourself more through different aspects such as personality, interests, ability, merits, qualifications, job preference and job expectation, etc. Knowing yourself well not only can help job seekers set up their career goal and to choose a suitable job, but also help them to answer questions about themselves in the interview.

Know the current labour market and industry situation

Besides knowing yourself, job seekers should acquaint themselves with the current job market situation, so as to set up a practical target for job hunting.

To cope with the changing situation, job seekers should know more about the current requirements in the labour market. They can obtain the latest market information through various channels including newspapers, electronic media as well as Internet.

In addition, job seekers should pay attention to the recruitment method, entry requirements as well as prospects and potential for long-term development of various trades and industries. By doing this, they can equip themselves well and face the challenges ahead.

Ways to Collect Vacancies Information

By making good use of the various job hunting channels, job seekers can have access to vacancies information and raise their chance of success. You can collect vacancies information through the following :
  1. Employment Services of Labour Department
  2. Newspapers and magazines
  3. Internet (eg. job sites like
  4. Private employment agencies
  5. Large-scale job fairs/recruitment days
  6. Referrals by your family members or friends:
  7. Recommend yourself to potential employer
You can first have an understanding of the business and structure of the company through its website and annual reports. After confirmation of the title and post of the staff in charge of recruitment, you can send your application letter and resume to apply for the job direct.


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