Do I need a transit visa if I am going through New Zealand airport?

Most people will not need a transit visa. You will not need one if:

  • you are from a visa-free country
  • your next legal destination is Australia
  • you are a citizen of one of the following countries, which are exempt from transit visa requirements.
Bahamas  Papua New Guinea
Bermuda  Paraguay
Bolivia  Peru
Colombia  Philippines
Costa Rica Republic of Marshall Islands
Ecuador  Samoa
Federated States of Micronesia Solomon Islands
Indonesia  Thailand
Kiribati Tonga
Nauru Tuvalu
Palau Vanuatu
Panama  Venezuela

However, you may require a transit visa. See details.

Note, if you are stopping off at a New Zealand airport on your way to another country, staying in New Zealand for less than 24 hours, and not leaving the transit area of the airport, you do not need a visitor visa. Find more..

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