Where to look to find a job

It can be very confusing deciding on where to begin your search for a job. The trouble is that it has been estimated that somewhere around three-quarters of all jobs get awarded 'on the nod' - in other words, they aren’t advertised so you won’t get to hear about them.

This means your jobseeking activities must be directed at the quarter of the iceberg you can see, so here are three main places you should try when looking for a job.

Internet Search Sites
There are some big internet jobs sites. These are free to use (and have to be by law) and their great advantage is that they will contain tens of thousands of jobs and cover the whole of the UK allowing you to see if relocating might be beneficial.

Tip: Keep a spreadsheet of which vacancies you've applied for as they may feature on numerous sites.

Employment Agencies
These are privately-run bodies who get paid through placing people in jobs. The difference is that, although there is a ruling body, there is relatively little control over them. Therefore there are both good and bad agencies and you should do your homework first by searching on the internet and talking to people they've helped. They are entirely funded by payments from the companies who use them to find workers therefore you should never be asked to part with money. Different employment agencies have different specialisations and some may be better for IT jobs, Driving Jobs, Civil Service Jobs etc.

Tip: Registering with an employment agency can take several weeks (because of references) so get testimonials, email addresses and phone numbers in advance from your referees.

Newspapers are the traditional way of finding work although, with their decline and increased advertising costs, companies are becoming more reluctant to use them. However, if you are looking for a local type job then it is definitely worth checking them out. The London Evening Standard is a good one for finding London jobs.

Tip: If you use the local library, then you don't even need to buy the papers!

Finding the right job is a numbers game and perseverance is its only rule.