Examination stress

Some people are afraid of failing their exams, causing them to suffer from nervous tension, insomnia, confusion, loss of appetite, shaking of the hands and feet, and headache, all of which can affect ability to study. With the appropriate physical and psychological preparation, you can reduce fear and worry before an exam.

Ways to deal with exam stress
  1. It is important to have the right attitude toward exams. Exams are simply a stage that a student must pass through. Grades don't mean everything. If you fail an exam, it's not the end of the world. The important thing is to do your best and be satisfied with that.

  2. Plan out your exam study sessions. Make sure that your study environment is quiet and well lit. This will not only help you concentrate, it will also improve your memory.

  3. Group study sessions can be helpful. Discuss the exam subjects with your fellow students, and take sample exams to help you get used to answering exam questions.

  4. Don't expect too much of yourself. The important thing is to do as well as you are able and demonstrate the full extent of your talents.

  5. Have plenty of friendly discussions with your parents. This will help them understand the extent of your abilities, and will also help you free yourself of worries that may be troubling you. If you feel you are having difficulties with your studies, ask your teacher for help.

  6. Good physical health is a crucial factor in good exam results. Maintain healthy eating habits and a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest. Don't try to increase your energy through strong tea or coffee, smoking, energy foods or medicines. If you find you have difficulty sleeping, try taking a warm bath, and drink a glass of warm milk. You should try to take half an hour of exercise or other recreation every day, for example jogging, bicycling, listening to music or watching television. This will help you to relax and recharge mentally, so you will be able to take up your studies again with more energy and efficiency.

  7. You may wish to learn some self-relaxation techniques to help you reduce mental stress.

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