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Normally job application methods such as telephone for appointment for interview, submitting application letter and resume are provided in the recruitment advertisement. If you come across suitable vacancies, do not hesitate to submit your application at once.

Contact employer direct by phone

When phoning the person in charge for recruitment, you should:
  • choose a restful environment to contact the potential employer, and use pen and paper to jot down simple notes
  • introduce yourself in brief and explain the purpose of calling
  • state clearly the position you are applying for and the source of the vacancy information.
  • be calm, polite and confident.
  • take note of the details such as the date, time, venue of the interview, the contact person and the documents needed etc. if you are granted an interview
Don't hang up the phone first at your side,. You should let the potential employer hang up first.

Writing application letter and resume

When the recruitment advertisement is released, the person responsible for the recruitment will receive thousands of application letters and resumes daily. Solely possession of the qualifications and requirements needed is not enough. To stand out among your competitors and secure for an interview, your potential employer would have a good impression on you if you have prepared a well-written application letter and resume your potential employer.

Before Writing...
You should

understand the qualifications and requirements of the post for preparing a tailor-made application letter and resume.
  • list your qualifications first
    • such as academic background, working experience etc. for your reference in preparing your resume so that you will not miss those important information.
  • prepare clean white paper and envelope
    • for writing application letter and resume.
    • Such documents to be printed out by printer or typewriter.
  • Refer to templates of application letter and resume to choose the style which suits you most.

When writing...

Application letter and resume
  • The letter should be confined to one to two page.
  • Font size and spacing of lines should be suitable.
  • Specify those qualifications and experiences which are relevant to the post.
  • Express your career goal to persuade your potential employer that you are the most suitable candidate.
  • Don't exaggerate the facts as overstated and incorrect information would make people doubt your integrity and bring adverse impact on your job application.
  • Prepare your resume by using the computer and print them out with printer as it looks tidy.
  • Don't use correction fluid or eraser to correct typo mistakes. Print it again if there are typo errors.
Application letter
  • Be concise and to the point. Sentences and paragraphs should not be too long.
  • Set out the information which the potential employer most interested at the front part.
  • Explain you are the best candidate for the position and persuade them to grant you an interview.
  • Pay attention to the grammar and avoid erroneous characters.
  • Please sign your letter before sending out.

  • Should be tidy and systematically presented.
    • Use point form and use different sized headings.
  • The time sequence should be consistent
    • It is a usual practice that information such as education and working experience will be presented in reverse order.
  • Be consistent with the information you have mentioned in your application letter.
  • Highlight the skills and professional qualifications which are relevant to the post.
  • Young job seekers lacking working experience may include extra curricular activities in the resumes so that potential employers could have more understanding on their ability as well as personality.

Before Sending out...
  • Please double check the grammar, personal information as well as employer information.
  • If you are preparing several applications at the same time, make sure that the correct letters and resumes are put into the correct envelopes.
  • Attach copies of certificates.
  • Keep a copy of the document for reference in case your are granted job interview.
Source: Jobs Gov HK

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