New H1 Bill pose impact to Green card Renewal?

The H1B is a US visa which is usually provided to any individual, non- Americans. It is an employment based non-immigrants green card that serves the purpose of a work permit, for any highly skilled workers to work for the United States. Specifically, the visa can last only for six years. And, it is a fast and quick alternative for US green card application. However, only employers are allowed to file for H1B visa not the hired individual himself. Of course, all expenses are shouldered by the company.

Certainly, the non-immigrant green card has a lot of benefits for the hired foreign individual. And, this has brought in a lot of technical issue as well to plenty of Americans. The wage is one thing. Hired foreign individuals are cheaper regardless of whether they are skilled or not. Employment status for many Americans is another thing. Thousands to millions of Americans are losing their jobs to foreign workers. These perhaps have raised a lot of misunderstandings to parties.

In Lieu to this, Pres. Obama in one of his recent interviews has mentioned of this. There is a new H1 bill submitted to congress, which can either enrage or bring forth relief to parties, the Americans and foreign workers. The new H1 bill states that only companies with majority of American workers are allowed for an H1 bill. For foreign IT companies, this can have a negative effect while it may pose advantage to many American workers. The question now is does the new bill affect the green card renewal?

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