Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Vietnam

As an emerging market that has only opened up to foreign investment in the early 1990s, job opportunities for foreigners in Vietnam are far more plentiful than anywhere else in Southeast Asia (except perhaps in Singapore). As a headhunter who once worked in Vietnam, here is a quick rundown of the types of job opportunities available for foreigners and what foreigners should consider when seeking a job in Vietnam:

Professional opportunities. Given the shortages of local professional talent in certain technical or creative fields, foreigners are often hired to fill in the gaps and there tends to be more opportunities for foreigners in certain niche fields.

Teaching English or offering professional training. Given that Vietnamese society was heavily influenced by Confucianism, the Vietnamese place a great emphasis on education and learning. Hence, there are plenty of teaching and training opportunities for Westerners - especially native English speakers.

Visa considerations. Finally, foreigners seeking jobs in Vietnam need to be aware that obtaining a proper work permit can be difficult. For professional jobs, obtaining a proper work permit would likely be arranged by the employer either before an employee arrives or within six months after their arrival.

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