Israel to provide work permit to Nepali nationals

RSS - KATHMANDU: Israel has agreed to issue employment visa to Nepali nationals. Israel is considered one of the attractive destinations for Nepali citizens chiefly for caregivers and farm laborers.

Israel had stopped issuing employment visas to Nepali nationals some two years ago blaming lack of transparency in the recruitment process. Israel was not happy with the tendency of manpower agencies to charge very high amount from the migrant workers for processing for work in Israel.

The exchange of several letters to regularize the recruitment process in the past two years was finally succeeded, said a senior officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with RSS correspondent.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson of the ministry Durga Prasad Bhattarai said the government will start the work respecting the decision to give work permit to Nepali citizens made by the government of Israel. The numbers of Nepali women working in Israel is high compared to the male workers.

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